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Was running through my blogroll today, catching up on what everyone has to say. And spanking, it would seem, is the theme du jour. Or is it just that I read a lot of sites about this?

At Spanking Blog, Bethie talks about her birthday spanking (leaving me unbearably jealous – do you all realize I’ve never had an actual *birthday* spanking?) and the discovery of the wonderful sensuality of the flogger. Mmm, floggers. My favourite.

The Boss at Collar Purple mentioned on the 9th (and oh, how I wish this site had permalinks to entries) that often when a subbie needs a spanking most is when they’re least capable of realizing and asking for it – when they’re feeling pouty and headstrong and generally not all that subbie. Hmm. Pains me to agree with this, but I do have to admit I’m a much changed girl after a good spanking. Centered, somehow. Freed.

And sexiest of all, Neko over at Letters to An Angel (recently redesigned and yummier than ever) talks about why he spanks his angel, and it’s one heck of a toe-curling explanation. Talk about getting a girl all worked up!

Damn. Sitting here at 11pm all by your lonesome and sick with a cold is one heck of a lousy time to realize all you’d really like is a good spanking followed up by some nasty wet hot sex.

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  • Thanks for the links. I’m definitely a submissive guy, but I haven’t ever found anyone to dominate me yet. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I broke about a year-long dry spell last weekend with my first bisexual threesome, which I think is a good start. Damn, I should have tried that years ago… I’m still smiling.

  • Just wanted to tell you that I like your site.. been lurking for a few months.
    Looking forward to some more stories.
    Glad to see you’re back! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • And there is too much people out there that would be willing to have their hand a little warmer then the usual, just to gives you one… 😉 Damn too sad 😉

  • For me at least, spanking is the quintessential form of play. No matter how many cool toys I acquire, no matter what new skills I master, the application of my bare hand to an equally bare ass is something to which I’ll return again and again and again. It’s so intimate, and there can be such infinite variety.
    Thanks for the pointers to Spanking Blog and The Collar Purple, two blogs I had not looked at for some time. I’ve been a big fan and regular reader of Neko’s for months, though. I truly enjoy your writing. Keep up the marvelous work.

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