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with apologies to Bridget Jones


Dear diary (and all you wonderful perverts out there who read this diary): Well, it is the last day of the year, and I have resolved to make next year a wonderful, salacious, unh-filled celebration of all that is good and naked and naughty. To that end, my resolutions… Will obviously lose 20 lbs. Preferably via long walks with the puppy, as much aerobic sexual activity as I can manage to...

naughty fantasy


Finally back from the parents’, and a Merry Christmas was had by all. Except… oh, this ongoing fantasy I’ve been having is wickedly potent. It’s probably the celibacy doing it. I mean, sure, it’s been ages since I actually had man-flesh next to my skin, and also the lack of places or opportunity to touch myself while visiting the folks, it’s bound to drive a...

kinky Christmas #5


For your delectation, a lovely gallery of bound wenches in the holiday spirit.
I really like the one where she’s tied with white mini-lights. It just looks so festive.
And I’m nothing if not all about the festive at this time of year. 🙂
Santa, guess what I want for Christmas?

married men


The panties say “I’ve been naughty” on the front, and “Spank Me” on the back. I’d like several pairs, please. 😉 I am finding myself increasingly depressed by what I’ve been finding in the kinky personals. Married men. By the bucketful, really. Even though my profile clearly states I’m not interested in married men. I wish I were, you know. I wish I...

kinky Christmas #4


For spankophiles, nothing says I love you like a whap on the bottom. During the holiday season, why not show your love with a Christmas theme? Nothing says Christmas like a light caning on the bottom with a PVC candy cane. Don’t know how to make one? Here are all the instructions you need! I don’t know how much abuse this cane could take, or how much force you could put behind it (I...

kinky Christmas #3


I was going to wait to share this until later, but I’m feeling guilty about leaving that hate-filled spew that was my last post as the first thing visitors see when they visit. So, I have another naughty Christmas link to share! Yes, you read it right. Santa Claus Porn. It’s a pay site, and I haven’t seen behind the curtain, so no guarantees on its quality, but funny funny funny...



Please be warned that there’s a lot of vitriol below about men (particularly the just-out-of-the-box Republican kind), government, politics and Texas. A lot of it owes to my three whole hours of sleep last night. If you’re not in the mood to read acid, feel free to skip. 😉 … So, Bacchus linked to a news story about a woman in Texas who sells sex toys at private parties (a la...

kinky Christmas #2


Following along with the kinky Christmas theme, I offer this link. Fun create-your-own kinky Christmas e-cards to send to friends, lovers, relatives, your boss, whatever. And behold, Vikki’s ideal man… Let’s see. He’s brunette (I have this thing for brunettes), a little hairy (yum), a Christmas-y guy (for someone who collects Santas, this is a Good Thing), wears boxers, is...

kinky Christmas wishes


Just in time for the holidays, I ran across the McCall Girl website, with a lovely holiday song called S&M Christmas. An excerpt: Each time that I spank you, I expect a “Please” and “Thank you” or the ‘safe words’ we made up they won’t mean a thing. Now take down the decorations and hang the swing! I want leg restraints and lubricants; a ball gag;...

so here’s something interesting


First, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It went very pleasantly, surrounded by good friends and family. And now life resumes its normal course. You know, if there’s been one thing my ‘nilla friends have said to me over the years, its this – aren’t I afraid I’ll run into somebody I know while trying to meet someone through kinky personals? In a area with...

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