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First, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It went very pleasantly, surrounded by good friends and family. And now life resumes its normal course.

You know, if there’s been one thing my ‘nilla friends have said to me over the years, its this – aren’t I afraid I’ll run into somebody I know while trying to meet someone through kinky personals?

In a area with 4 million people, I really didn’t think that was too likely – not that I’d be afraid of it anyway, because what do I have to be ashamed of?

Well, whaddya know.

I logged on to kinky personals tonight, and was sorting through my newest responses, when I saw a response from a man who looked intriguing, so I clicked on his profile. And loaded up a picture of a guy who lived down the hall from me (though he doesn’t any more) for more than three years.

Cute, 35ish, we saw each other often in the elevator, but I’m not really one for picking up my neighbours. We chatted often enough, though, until he bought a condo a while back and moved out. Wouldn’t ever have pegged him as a kinky boy – he looked a little too straight and vanilla.

Turns out he’s also a dominant man in search of a submissive partner!

What are the odds?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem we’re looking for the same thing, but wow. The old adage is true. You just never know when a kinky nature is lurking beneath a deceptively straight surface!

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