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voyage of discovery


I've been a tease my entire life. I can't even seem to help myself. When I'm with a lover, it just seems to flow naturally and instinctively from me. Discovering what turns my lover on is as exciting a voyage as I've ever experienced.

path to greatness


What makes a lover great (for me, at least) is not the number of tricks he knows. It’s not the number of toys he owns. It’s not the smorgasbord of positions he can warp your body into during a lovemaking session. It’s not length, it’s not girth, and it has nothing to do with foreskin (with or without). It’s not the music he plays, the mood he sets, the furniture he...

going down in the South


Louisiana tried. Well, at least one of their representatives tried, by adding an amendment to a bill that would get rid of the state’s oral sex and sodomy laws (both are currently illegal in Louisiana, as in many other states). The bill was, unfortunately, unanimously voted down. I’m going to take a wild leap of faith here and assume that intense fear of “legalizing”...

could sex become safe again?


The morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy has been around for quite some time. You sleep with someone and “oops” the condom breaks. No problem. Take the morning-after pill, and no little embryonic worries. It’s a great invention, particularly for women who have been raped, as its defenders are quick to point out. Its attackers tend to think that it will cause everyone to run...

what’s really obscene


Obscenity, obscenity, obscenity. Maybe if I say the word often enough it will lose its meaning and I will no longer be furious when I see community, regional and country leaders describing naked bodies and a completely natural and biological act with that word. On the other hand, maybe I won’t. Wired News has an article about the Bush administration and their stance on porn, both online and...

go Glad Day


Here in Toronto, a bookstore named Glad Day Books got themselves into a spot of trouble with the Ontario Censor Board. The store sells gay and lesbian books and videos, and it seems one of their videos hadn’t exactly passed the OCB’s stringent (actually puritanical on some matters, to call a spade a spade) standards and regulations. The scene that got the video banned from Ontario? A...

miss me?


I’ve been taking a small (well-deserved) vacation from herdesires of late, working on a new sex-related web project. Fun, but a lot of work. More details later, perhaps. What forced me to break the silence? Another unbelievably narrow-minded news bit. I should really stop reading sex-related news. There’s always something that makes me see red. I truly (in my naive way) cannot believe...

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