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Here in Toronto, a bookstore named Glad Day Books got themselves into a spot of trouble with the Ontario Censor Board. The store sells gay and lesbian books and videos, and it seems one of their videos hadn’t exactly passed the OCB’s stringent (actually puritanical on some matters, to call a spade a spade) standards and regulations.
The scene that got the video banned from Ontario? A ten-minute treatment wherein three men are bound with rope, their mouths shut with tape.
Donna Laframboise of the National Post speaks about how backward Ontario’s laws can be when it comes to porn, the ridiculous charges involved in getting a video screened before selling, and why Glad Day Books is going to fight the OCB on this.
All I can say is: go, Glad Day!
Ontario gets particularly hairy about anything that smacks of BDSM. It’s tough as hell to find anything with these overtures, which mean’s I’m relegated to either heterosexual pap complete with all the bouncing fake breasts and facials I can handle, or yummy gay porn that, while satisfying, never addresses my desire to see a man and woman on the screen. I realize that the censors (and their supporters) think that BDSM-esque films incite and encourage violence, particularly towards women, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the most sensual scenes I’ve ever seen in porn involved BDSM.
Of course, I saw it online. Thank God for the Internet.
She was perched, kneeling, naked, on a tastefully decorated bed. He stood before her, smiling and a little wicked. He instructed her to turn around on all fours and present her ass to him. He began slapping her back and ass softly with a suede flogger, sensitizing her skin. Every so often he’d move the flogger between her legs and flick the tips up to the little peach in between. In her voice I heard no acting; I heard the exact same noises I’ve made myself, the same jerks and twitches, the same little moans. He graduated to a heavier leather flogger, and the satisfying (though by no means harsh or brutally violent, to be clear) thumps it made across her skin made both of us jump.
He turned her over and applied the same graduation of sensation to her front, being very firm but supportive to her. His aim was incredible. I could almost feel the tips of the flogger against my own nipples as I watched. Once her whole body was nice and sensitized, he turned her in the bed and chained her face up, spreadagled, to the bed. Ran some fascinating little electrical gagdet over her which looked like those old “lightning balls” from the 80’s, only on a stick. I could see by now she was at a fever pitch. He chuckled and produced a vibrator; not those little pink plastic dildo-types that you see in what the OCB would consider “legitimate” porn, but a real, plug-in type thumper. He ran it over her body and then concentrated it on her nether bits. You could tell he was hitting all the right bits from the look on her face. While she moaned some, she was far quieter than the scream queens you see in mainstream porn. She went nearly silent as her body strained, and then she bucked and twitched in orgasm while he murmured approvingly to her, running his palm over her body.
This is the stuff I’d like to see up here. Nothing violence-inducing about it. Just something a little more, and a little more realistic, than Bunny Babes Blow Boston, if you know what I mean.Go, Glad Day. Make the world a more accessible place to be. We’re behind you 100%.

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