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I’ve been taking a small (well-deserved) vacation from herdesires of late, working on a new sex-related web project. Fun, but a lot of work. More details later, perhaps.
What forced me to break the silence? Another unbelievably narrow-minded news bit. I should really stop reading sex-related news. There’s always something that makes me see red. I truly (in my naive way) cannot believe that there are so many closed-minded people living here in North America in the 21st century. How is this possible? Do people time-warp here from a century ago and decide to stir things up? Perhaps they’ve been locked in a room somewhere for the last fifty years. I don’t know, but I know they exist. And inevitably, their stories land on my computer screen.
The mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan recently proclamated (oh, is that a word?) that June 18th would be Heterosexual Family Pride Day in his city. His reasons:

    “the intact heterosexual family unit is ordained by God as Clearly revealed in the Holy Bible”“large bodies of research support the conclusion that intact heterosexual families provide an excellent nurturing environment for children” (as opposed to those other nurturing environments available – argh)“intact heterosexual families provide sexual satisfaction for the men and women who are committed to them”“when monogamy is practiced, the husband and wives who enjoy sexual relations in the confines of their heterosexual marriage have no reason to worry about STD

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