ArchiveJanuary 2005

excellent BDSM primer


So you’ve been thinking about all this BDSM stuff. Mostly, it scares or confuses you. But curiousity being what it is… maybe you’d like to know more. Thanks to Sasha, I found a really, really excellent primer on how BDSM works – it answers a LOT of the questions I had when I first got curious about this lifestyle, in a very conversational, sane, and forthright way...

from ye old mailbag


Ross writes: Hi I have been going out with my girlfriend now for 16 months now and i just want tips on how to give her better orgasm’s Ross, honey, you’re asking the wrong lady. Why do people always look outside the relationship for suggestions like these? Look, everybody (well, okay, almost everybody) masturbates. I’m going to play the odds here and assume your girfriend does...

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