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on erotica – part two


So as I was saying (yeah, I know – you guys thought I forgot all about it, right? no such luck), I think romance writers create the best erotica. Oh, man, I can feel the eyes rolling from here. First of all, if you’ve never read several romance books (and I mean read them, cover to cover, several different authors and types) then you don’t know Jack, and please hold your...

the feedback loop


You know, I love it when a comment gets me going enough that it inspires a whole new diary entry. Such as the case in my last post about blowjobs, where Symph asked: I was wondering what your reaction would be if he just lay there, not reacting at all (cock stays stiff). And if you asked him whether he was enjoying it, he said “yes, very nice”. Well, I have to be honest. It’s...

blowjobs are good for the soul


I love it when hoaxes, like the one about blowjobs reducing the risk of breast cancer, make the rounds. Mainly because I’m an Internet geek, and I love the dynamics of a very powerful meme. But let’s be honest here. I’m not a fan of sucking cock because it might reduce my risk of breast cancer. In fact, if I were a fan of reducing risk, I’d give head with a condom on just...



The deliciously fascinating Rentboy (quite rightly) quoted: Women can sniff lies, condescension and arrogance a mile off. As he so charmingly put it: “Nothin’ dries up a pussy faster than a bozo who think he’s God’s gift to it.” I find his blog interesting reading. I hope he keeps it up (so many blogs go great guns for a month or two and then fade like cheap...

naked twister


So everyone’s been talking so much about Fleshbot, I decided to run through and take a look at what they have on offer. Pretty good blog. I particularly love the fact that they cover gay porn, too. Anyway, digging through their archives, I found a link so intriguing I had to click. See, Bacchus had linked a while back to some naked twister. Sure, all good healthy fun, but not much eye candy...

on erotica – part one


You know, a lot of people say that erotica and porn are all pretty much the same thing. And depending on the shape and size of their ruler, it could be they’re right, but I tend to disagree. Ray Gordon, for those of you who know him, writes porn. In my opinion. His character development is nil, his plots are thin on purpose – it’s like reading the written equivalent of most...

a little more depth than usual


I haven’t felt very sexy lately. Working two jobs is becoming a burden, and with almost a year to go (if all goes well) before I can quit job #1 and do job #2 full time, it’s beginning to stretch me to my limits. My personal communiques with friends and acquaintances has dropped an alarming amount. What I wouldn’t give for a hand on my head, smoothing my hair, telling me that...

why i love mark


Mark Morford, of course, my all-time favourite non-porn writer (though he does occasionally write for Nerve) – and have I mentioned how much I want to marry him? – has disgorged a wonderful rant on the GOP’s latest attempt to get everyone in the missionary position once a year whether they need it or not. Protection from Pornography Week (not to be confused with Marriage...

on making assumptions


Vanilla Sex Goddess has summed up some thinking I’ve been doing quite nicely (saving me from having to actually come up with the words myself – bless her): The reality of the matter is his expectations are clear on what he thinks will happen. And while can’t say I wouldn’t want to have sex with him, I like to think that it is my choice, and that when a guy takes me out, he...

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