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So everyone’s been talking so much about Fleshbot, I decided to run through and take a look at what they have on offer. Pretty good blog. I particularly love the fact that they cover gay porn, too. Anyway, digging through their archives, I found a link so intriguing I had to click.

See, Bacchus had linked a while back to some naked twister. Sure, all good healthy fun, but not much eye candy for we straight girls to enjoy.

But lo and behold, Fleshbot delivered me straight into the arms of a whole new kind of naked twister! So many yummy possibilities, really. How lovely.


The site, Dean and Lucca have a video that almost melted my screen (and that was just the preview). God god god., Straight College Men, is awesome. I’ve been looking around for the better part of an hour, and oh yum. It’s a pay site, but they have lots of goodies to look at for free, and video clips to make you seriously consider whipping out your credit card. The owner of the site finds nice, straight college boys and puts them in situations where the more they’re willing to do with another guy, the more money they make.

See, this is the kind of “gay porn” women really get all juiced up about – two straight guys who are willing to bend the rules just this once and fool around with another guy. Their awkwardness is what makes it so hot – and when they get hard, despite themselves – oh, happy day.

I’m so horny now I could run out into the street and hump a lamp post!

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  • What a nice thought! I suppose watching two straight men is exciting in much the same way that men enjoy pics of ‘lesbians’. Two reasons for it – firstly it’s naughty, and that’s always spciy. And secondly, there twice as many bodies (complete with butts, breasts and pussies) to watch. Or butts and cocks in your case.
    I find the idea of two men playing interesting and am fascinated by cocks. It’s the large hairy men on the other end of them that put me off. In the context of a threesome – well, that would be different. There’s no guessing what might happen then.

  • i like REAL gay porn, too. those boys on that site are quite beautiful, but there’s something sexy about a man fucking another man that does it for me.

  • Double the pleasure, double the fun – that’s definitely part of why I enjoy watching two men together so very much. 😉
    And Eric, you’re a naughty boy – leaving a tease like that on here!

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