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At long last all eleven parts of Spanking (the he said/she said erotic story I co-wrote with Arcturus, if you haven’t been keeping up) have been posted to the site. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it – goodness knows we (well, I shouldn’t speak for both of us, but I) enjoyed it immensely. Enough so that I might be tempted to do something like this again. It’s difficult, but kind of fun. What would I do differently next time? Throw the other person more curves, more likely. It ended up being a pretty traditional story this time, but next time I’d love to have it be a bit more challenging.

To my old friend Actium, this means you can now start reading the story. See, didn’t I promise to not leave you hanging? πŸ™‚

Read part eleven or to read from the top, start here.

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  • Great story. I probably shouldn’t have read it at work though – now I’ve got an erection to hide from my co-workers. Looks like I’ll be spending a while at my desk, and I desperately need a coffee.

  • Oh, that’s simply the best compliment I could hope for. Of course, I’ve always felt an erection is the nicest gift a man can give a woman. πŸ™‚ The most sincere, too, really. *laughs*

  • Wow, reading that story just made me late for my date tonight…he’s going to have to wait a bit longer now…
    Very well done…

  • Thanks to everyone for posting your comments on the story! Arcturus and I are thinking about writing another, in fact – once we’ve figured out a new scenario to try.
    No, I don’t publish on Literotica, or ASSTR. I suppose I should, to be properly supportive of my beloved open-source internet – it’s just something I’ve never gotten around to.

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