ArchiveAugust 2005

why must women be the bearer?


Lately, I’ve been reading some things that make it hard for me to maintain a grip on my feelings towards men. I realize, fully and completely, how stupid and pointless and unfair it is to tar an entire gender with the same brush. And yet. The theme this week seems to be: woman as bearer. First, a book I just finished this week called Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women...

sex toys and Stephen King


Mark Morford was telling me this morning all about something that he thinks is the most sex-positive thing to happen in simply ages. The news is simple. Amazon sells sex toys. (Okay, that’s not exactly news. But I love his take on it.) What a wonderful message this sends. What a desperately needed notion for a sex-starved and deeply misinformed, orgasmically uncertain nation. It is this:...

the office flirtation


I’ve recently been reading Sex in the Office, yet another in a long series of Black Lace short story collections, and I have to admit, the whole Sex in the Office thing does it for me. Actually, the whole forbidden fruit thing does it for me, period, but that’s a whole other post. 🙂 Even if there isn’t any sex, the promise of sex, the teasing and tantalizing and flirtation of...

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