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I’ve recently been reading Sex in the Office, yet another in a long series of Black Lace short story collections, and I have to admit, the whole Sex in the Office thing does it for me.

Actually, the whole forbidden fruit thing does it for me, period, but that’s a whole other post. 🙂

Even if there isn’t any sex, the promise of sex, the teasing and tantalizing and flirtation of the office crush is a heady experience.

It’s about adrenaline. Adrenaline surging through your veins when you talk to him, when he talks to you, when that look gets exchanged. It’s like working with sweet wine running through your veins.

Every sense heightened.

Even more important in this day and age is the digital flirt while at the office. You’re sitting apart, maybe at opposite ends of the building, and to everyone else it looks like you’re working. But you’re not. You’re saying saucy and salacious things via email with a coworker (or even more tempting, a boss), and like Bridget Jones says, the sending of flirty emails can be seductive.

It’s like one, long, drawn out, heart stopping, toe curling, tease. What’s more, there are a LOT of times when that’s all there is – it never gets further than that.

But damn while it lasts, aren’t you turned on? Aren’t you hyper aware of each of your naughty bits under your casual business attire? Doesn’t the restroom, the broom closet, the service elevator, start to look a whole lot different to you?

Don’t you just start imagining hot sweaty sex in all kinds of inappropriate places? (Elevators and boardrooms were always my two downfalls – for fantasies, at least.) Haven’t you noticed that your desk has just enough space and darkness underneath it to hide another person, if they were REALLY quiet?

The office flirtation can be brutal if it ends badly, if people get hurt, if you’re caught breaking the rules. But while it lasts – whoo baby, some hot and gooey fun can be had.

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  • I’ve only had one office romance – and she was distinctly uneasy about it. Luckily, she quit soon after we started. On the other hand, I have brought lovers to my building on the weekend and tried out the carpet in my office. Yes, it was a rush. The building security guy could have come in or some keen co-worker. Even better was when *she* dropped by my office to visit during the day and we ended up in my car in the underground garage. God that was hot! Every time . . .(smile)

  • Can I say how giddy I am that you’re reading an anthology with one of my stories in it? LOL
    Also, I’m so excited to say that the sotry of mine that’s in there (Shift Change) will be continued in a full single title paperback published by Berkley Next year! So I really hope you enjoy the story! *blush*

  • Oh, I absolutely agree with the description of the upsides. She and I did the digital flirting thing via email… and we were in adjacent cubicles! Sooo much fun to get an email from the next cubicle saying she needs a towel for her chair. 🙂 It didn’t hurt that, once we got past the flirting, her apartment was only 5 minutes away. Mmm, lunchtime already? We work in different places now (no fault of the relationship… businesses fold, etc.), but we’re still together. Don’t believe all the negatives.

  • Man, I can’t tell you how naughty this is. I… I want to undress, touch, kiss, whisper or even just look and dream about him. Desire has sprung up. I have felt this way many many years ago when I was dating my husband. I forgot it along the way. Now is is back and let me tell ya……whew baby. He tickles my wrists he touches my side. I feel all naughty and very stimulate at the same time. Just one look. He moved his chest muscles for me. You know one and then the other. He said it was dancing. I have wanted to just run my hand all over his chest and thinking with gloves on it isn’t actually adultery is it? Is it? It makes it all the more naughty. His big pouty lips. I have never kissed pouty lips. Is it different? Is it nice? Or a taller person. Is it nicer? Will I feel protected more then with my own husband? He is taller, smaller, stronger, younger, youthful and obviously more full of what is that word…..vigor. I never thought before of a younger man older woman. Like somehow in the old adage 40 \ 20 ratio of sex drive. Now i have thought about it alot. I hope it never turns into more. Hope being the word because I am married and happily. But man what would I give just once. For him to think – wow an older woman confident in her being. Knowing how she could not compete for the bed time because he looks at younger women and wants what they have not what I do. That one time maybe on the walk home to be picked up and go parking again. To talk like new lovers. To flirt like you did before. To kiss those lips and touch his neck and make him happy. To make him happy… me making him happy. Wanting him to want me like I want him. Wow. I hope it never stops. It is euphoric. Damn.

  • Wow, i have come closer than ever. I! me I was able to give him a hug this week. A full on body from shoulders to waist. My encircled arms felt wanton and desire. I was flushed with emotion and… it was GOOD. My co-worker warned me of the consequences. She must see… she warned me…it must be obvious. I just learnt that the lips are the second most sensitive thing on the human body. That is why I crave a tender kiss from his lips. Full, pouty. Sweet kisses from him. He didn’t quite get all the beard hair shaved off. Some were sticking out from his shirt yesterday. I wanted to touch them and twirl them in my fingers and pluck them (three infact). Then to kiss his neck and rest on his shoulders. Look into his soft eyes. That sparkle of lust. Sexual desire, foreplay. WOW! I even forgot the word-I had to think about it. Foreplay. Grrr. Then again. Reality. Euphoria over back to wife and dishes, cleaning and homework. Humdrum. Day dream over. Fleeting moment past. Hold it in that special place to open again and relive a deviant desire. ;0)

  • I have found that women and scissors don’t mix, so I keep my love life out of the office…

  • Well, he came over for supper today. It was wonderful. We laid on the floor and watched the Olympics. I curled up on his knee and played with my hair. I touched his leg *wow* muscles. It felt good.

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