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naughty note


I'd never received a naughty note at work before. The combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly... damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little.

everything’s coming up origami


Ah, Australians. You gotta love ’em.Found a site a while back called Puppetry of the Penis, and thought I’d shared it with all of you, but I can’t find the entry. So if I missed it, my apologies. You missed an amusing site. Two Australian men, just as bold and brash as can be, have studied the gentle (?) art of genital origami and taken their show on the road, so to speak.Yeah...



I’m good at a great many things. I’m not going to list them here like a braggart’s list, but I know them. This is enough. Have you ever found yourself wondering if you’re any good at relationships? It’s a question I’ve found I’m asking myself more and more often as time goes by. There seem to be so many questions, and so few answers, love and sex and more...

punishment… and not the good kind


It’s difficult for me (having grown up in the Western world) to understand how other cultures view sex, and how they treat sexual offences. Even more difficult is understanding how they decide who gets punished, and how. This AP report (via CNN) discusses the recent punishment of Amina Abdullahi, a twenty year old Nigerian woman who was found guilty (?) of sleeping with another man who was...

on women and sexuality and repression


The Village Voice posted an article a few years ago (via mouthorgan) that raises the issue of overt sexuality in films, and how the MPAA determines the ratings for those films. There are some striking differences between the way that male-related sexuality (or any sexuality through the eyes of men) is treated, and how female-related sexuality is treated.In other words, it’s OK to show a boy...

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