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Dear Vikki,
It occurred to me today, sitting at my desk here at work, that although you’ve told me (in great, enjoyable detail!) how much you love to suck cock, I’ve never really had the chance to tell you about MY passion.
There is nothing on earth more beautiful and erotic than a woman when she’s aroused, when her entire body is covered with a fine sheen of sweat and every muscle is tight, moaning and thrashing her way to orgasm.

It turns me on so much. I have to take my time, though, and really draw it out for her. I could spend forever just sucking her nipples, rubbing over the tips with my fingers.
Eventually, though, I have to move downward, because I can’t resist the smell and feel of a woman’s pussy when she’s turned on. I like to ease into her slowly, with just the tips of my fingers sliding between her lips, until I can hear her start to moan.
I love to move my fingers, lightly, in tiny little circles around her clit, before sliding my fingers inside her, pushing deeper, pushing up against that spot inside her that will make her scream.
By the time I’ve gone this far, she’s usually so wet and delicious that I can’t resist taking her in my mouth…
Just thought I would let you know. 🙂
Have a good day… <grin>

I’d never received a naughty note at work before.
The combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly… damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little.
Even the brush of the soapy washcloth between my thighs was arousing. I could feel it rubbing against my clit and I had to bite my lip. I almost decided to rub it, then and there, to rid myself of the terrible ache… but I’d waited this long, and I was really looking forward to a more leisurely cum.
I finished cleaning up and walked back into the bedroom. From my bottom drawer, I pulled my favourite toy… an 8″ jelly-rubber vibrator, with a knob at the base to adjust the speed. I set it beside me on the bed. I spread out on the duvet and ran my hands over my nipples, which are very sensitive – did you know that? I’ve even come once or twice just by having them played with. They were already stiff, and they grew even harder as I ran my index fingers in tiny circles around them.
I licked the tips of my fingers and moved them back to my nipples, spreading my saliva around and around until the tips were hard and wet and I could feel the pounding between my thighs like a pulse.
I left my right nipple alone so that I could grab the vibrator lying beside me. I turned it on to a very low speed and slid it across my right nipple. God, the vibrations were driving me nuts. I moved the vibrator up to my mouth and wet it thoroughly, sliding it between my lips again and again, turning the speed up much higher as I went. Then I moved the vibrator between my thighs.
My entire body jerked when the vibrations hit my clit. I closed my eyes and, well, frankly, imagined you, your masterful tongue and expert lips, sliding over my clit, sucking on it, driving me crazy. I can’t tell you how arousing it is to know a man who loves oral sex as much as you do. I’ve never known a man like that, not once in my life. The thought of being sucked on by someone who loves what they’re doing as much as you do… Unbelievable. My thighs were trembling as I slid the length of the vibrator back and forth over my clit, spreading the wetness until it could slide freely over and over.
I imagined you sliding your fingers inside me as you suckled my clit. Spreading my legs further, I slid the vibrator all the way inside, so it could rub against that spot inside that seems to drive me crazy, although no man has been able to find it… Meanwhile, my fingers, slick and slippery with my juices, ran in opposing circles over my clit, over and over and over until I was ready to scream, and I wanted to scream to someone, anyone, “Yes! There! Oh, please, lick that clit, suck it into your mouth, yes, oh, please….”
My hips were high in the air, bucking against the tongue in my mind and my fingers in reality, when the wave finally broke and my body jerked against my fingers and I let out a series of broken moans. I lay there for a while afterward with the vibrator on low inside me, enjoying the pleasant aftershocks.
And, just so you know… I was a good girl and cleaned up the vibrator before placing it back in the drawer. And you’re right – women do taste different just after they cum….

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