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You know, I never really considered myself an exhibitionist. Despite my deep wet sexual ungh for public places, it was never really the being seen itself that was the turn on – just the danger that you could be caught. I think. Er. That is to say, I’m not sure. There’s also the fantasy I had a while back, about a guy and his friend. Is that exhibitionism? Probably. Just not how...

from ye olde mailbag


eb writes: im currently with a man that is uncircumcised and i have never been with an un-done man before and i am afraid to go down on him orally ’cause im worried i wont know how to do it. Is it any different? Do you have any tips that would up it a level or two for him? I am crazy to please him, but i just want to do it right! Please help! eb, I feel your pain, girl. Unfortunately, I...

to hell with the closet


Since I’m on a kick with my last post about hiding your sexuality… I can’t tell you how many people in the BDSM lifestyle I’ve spoken to who are completely in the closet about their kinky life. To the point of breaking down furniture, completely cleaning or changing their rooms when people come to visit. To the point that not a single person other than past partners has...

who left the toys out? woof!


Please note that this story is going to be very broken up due to editorial comments, which are in italics. Bear with me! 🙂 So a girlfriend of mine calls me today to tell me a funny / horrifying story. Well, funny to me – horrifying for her. Once or twice a year (!) she pulls out a toy to play with. And the rest of the year, she… what? Uses her hand? The shower massage? Closes her eyes...

an adventure (well, almost)


So I’ve been promising for ages to tell you all about the one and only time I ever kissed another girl. This seemed like a good enough moment to sit and pen the tale. Like most of my stories, it has an element of the ridiculous. I swear, I don’t make these things up. Suffice it to say that by the time you reach your thirties, you’ve usually collected a few funny sex stories...

the problem with a sex blog


It is a squeaky and absurdly early hour of the morning, and I found myself sitting here and thinking: what better thing to do than write a post? The problem with a sex-only blog, you see, is that when you hit a period in your life when you don’t have a lot to say about it or are too damned tired to think about it, the blog suffers. Personal and family obligations have kept me from being...

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