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eb writes:

im currently with a man that is uncircumcised and i have never been with an un-done man before and i am afraid to go down on him orally ’cause im worried i wont know how to do it. Is it any different? Do you have any tips that would up it a level or two for him? I am crazy to please him, but i just want to do it right! Please help!

eb, I feel your pain, girl. Unfortunately, I haven’t been confronted with an uncircumcised penis since I was a teenager!

The things I can tell you: generally, I understand that uncircumcised men have a more sensitive head that their uncut brethren, which means keep those teeth well hidden behind your lips, and perhaps proceed a little more gently at first.

Really, as in most sexual situations with a new partner, your best bet is to ask what works best for him. Ask him to guide your head (gently!), to tell you what’s working and what’s not, to suggest things that might deepen his pleasure. Because even between two uncircumcised men, what works may be different for each of them.

Let me give you an example, from the “cut” end of the spectrum. Even cut, most men I’ve been with are incredibly sensitive right after orgasm, to the point that even a soft lick can feel like overload. However, one of my partners loved being licked and sucked after orgasm, and it didn’t bother him at all.

So as always, my best advice is this: ASK. Observe. And make many mental notes. 🙂

However, perhaps my readers may have more useful and specific tips for you. Anyone?

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  • One thing I can tell you is DON’T BE TOO GENTLE! Definately hide those teeth but for goodness sake don’t treat it like it’s fine china! My cock is basically a muscle. The head is pretty sensitive but really, there’s nothing on your face that can do it much harm other than you teeth…I did mention hide your teeth right?
    Another thing I can tell you is the frenulum. I think Ms. McKay mentioned something about that in a previous entry. For uncut lads it can be a real treat. Light flicky with the tongue, ice cream licks, my oh my…uh..I gotta go… 😉

  • Same opinion, than Herne, but I’ll just add a little detail : if you have long nails, keep them on a safe distance from the glans. Otherwise, there’s no major caution to take with uncut guys, just relax and enjoy …
    mmh, the frenulum ! It’s even more dangerous when she knows how to tease …

  • Also – don’t be afraid to use your hands! Sometimes you’ll want to hold the foreskin back to get unfettered access to the head & frenulum.
    and sometimes you’ll want the skin to be partially over the head so you can play with it with your tongue, too….
    Lots of options!

  • Oooh! Uncut cocks are so much fun!
    I went digging in my archives and found this post about fellatio in general that includes a few foreskin tips. One of the best things about a foreskin is that you can clamp your lips on the foreskin and he can thrust without giving you friction burn.

  • As a 32 year old uncut male who has been around the bush many times, there is one trick I discovered quite by accident. My partner was headed down there for the usual blowjob when suddenly I noticed something VERY different in their technique. They firmly gripped (grip – not squeeze!) the shaft, pulling my foreskin back just enough so that the piss slit was visible, surrounded by the foreskin with about a dime-size amount of the head exposed. Then they placed my penis into their mouth and while gently sucking, they swirled the tip of their tongue around the area where the foreskin was pulling back and revealing the head. It was the most sensational experience of my life! I laid in absolute ecstacy while my partner sucked and swirled their tongue in that region. Occasionally, of course, they pulled the foreskin all the way back, sucked in the ordinary fashion, and every once in a while even sucked the skin back over my head and then gently chewed and nibbled (carefully!) the tip of the foreskin while it completely covered the head – then they resumed the swirling motion once again with the skin slightly pulled back exposing the tip of the head. My most powerful and gut-wrenching orgasms have always come from this technique and I’ve had many partners. It has also proven to be a fantastic foreplay measure while 69ing prior to actual intercourse.

  • Well, i can tell you this.
    If he is uncut and he is adventurous as my new boyfreind is, you have a lot of fun infront of you.
    Chocolate syrups and such can be poured over his glan, then covered up and when you enjoy giving him oral you have a new taste sensation! :o)
    Icecream and such works well too!
    I had to learn not to pull the foreskin back to the base too hard. Also you will find pumping his loose skin up and down as you suck on his head will make him squirm for you as well! ((giggle))
    Best thing is to relax and as the person running this site said, ask him what he likes and how hard or soft he likes something.
    I hope you have the same experiences i have though with enjoyment, ((smile))
    If you have any other questions, feel free to write me!

  • A) Circle the shaft about half-way down. Push all the foreskin up till it bunches over the end like a nipple or tube. (This presumes he has a long to medium long skin) Nibble the “nipple” gently, suck it with your lips, then probe the skin to find the join, with your tongue. Push your tongue lightly down the tube of skin and lick the pee hole. Take your time and tease a bit.Then slowly pull the skin down all the way as you slide your pursed lips over the head and envelope the whole cock, still pulling medium strong on the skin. He will go orbital.
    B) Simple But Liked: The favourite thing (there have been surveys!) women like to do to an uncut cock is slowly cover and uncover the head, as they watch it appear and vanish. Guys love this too, especially if done very slowly, with blowing of cool air and tiny little licks at the exposed (exposing) head as it comes into view.
    C) Yes, uncut guys have huge sensitivity variations, more than cut guys. Be gentle at first.

  • As someone with years of experience, I suggest starting with leaving the skin over the end and letting him pull it back as he becomes further aroused.

  • Of course there are some things that you have to be careful of, and in my opinion, there aren’t really many of them. Just make sure you show that skin some attention. The one thing a girl can do to ruin the bj experience, is to pull the skin back and leave it there, sucking the penis as if it was cut. The skin is there for a reason, so use it to it’s maximum. The bottom line is experiment with it and have fun!

  • good advice above, you can also try to actually blow air into his foreskin, and go into it with your tongue. many men with a detachable showerhead do that sort of thing there.

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