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update to “okay, fine, I give up”


As an update to my rant on the extremists against gay marriage earlier this month… I am so glad I am not the only one who feels the need, at last, to point out the sheer and utter ridiculousness of the extremists who fear that bestiality may, indeed, come along next if we allow gay marriage. Richard Goldstein of The Village Voice (admittedly, a leftie imprint) has a wonderful piece on...

oh and one more for the blogroll


I also keep forgetting to blogroll Ken over at Suburban Sex Blog, shame on me, spankings owed. 🙂 His site just makes me laugh. I realize that’s not why he’s writing it, but oh, how I wish I could have found that forceful, pissed off voice during the dark years with the Ex (i.e. He Who Has No Sex Drive). It sounds so healthy. Well, healthier, anyway, than my own experience, my own...

what a mess


I have been known (from time to time) to be a bit, shall we say, picky when it comes to how clean my place is. Which is not to say it’s ever truly immaculate. I have dog, which means the minute I clean every bit of dog hair out of the house, she stands in the living room and shimmies her little heart out and oops, look, dog hair again. Plus, I have far too many books for my lowly 690 square...

so I thought, what the hell


My girlfriend has been telling me all about the cool quizzes and tests at (She knows I’m a personality quiz whore.) And yes, yes, I kept meaning to get to it. So thanks to the lady formerly known as the Dirty Whore for reminding me about the free physical attraction report. 🙂 My results were interesting: There’s something about “Outdoorsmen” that obviously...

a word about this playground


You know, the perception is that the Internet is about free speech. And to some extent, that’s absolutely true. Anyone can set up a web site and say anything they like, really. But when it comes to personal play spaces – like this blog – well, the only speech that’s well and truly free here is mine. This is not a democracy. It’s like my living room – my own...

chicks with boys still love their toys


Yes, despite the unerring abilities of the boy to find my pleasure points and keep me on the edge of orgasm for-freaking-ever (more on that in a later post – grin), Vikki is still a woman who enjoys her toys. Which is all a preamble, really, to break the news that I finally bought an Eroscillator a month or so ago, and I am agog. First of all, after my experience with the thumper-to-end-all...

okay, fine, I give up


You know, I’ve tried really hard to stay out of the whole fracas to do with gay marriage. First, because I try so very hard to not be political on this blog. Second, because everybody and their freaking brother in blogland is talking about it. Who wants to read more about it? (Is it just me, or are the overwhelming majority of bloggers liberals? Maybe it’s just the bloggers I read...

oh my nose


Now, I know what you’re thinking when you read that title. You’re thinking that Vikki must have been getting herself all kinds of wild, over the top, major-home-appliances-involved kind of kinky sex to have hurt her nose. And it’s an amusing thought, really. I’m almost inclined to play along. But no. So how did I hurt my nose? It’s simple, really. Was making the...

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