so I thought, what the hell


My girlfriend has been telling me all about the cool quizzes and tests at (She knows I’m a personality quiz whore.) And yes, yes, I kept meaning to get to it.

So thanks to the lady formerly known as the Dirty Whore for reminding me about the free physical attraction report. 🙂

My results were interesting:

There’s something about “Outdoorsmen” that obviously appeals to you. These guys have a tanned, weathered look, along with ruggedly handsome features. You don’t need them to be “pretty” or even “very handsome,” but you are drawn by the masculinity and free-spirit they convey. These are not your “button down,” “don’t get your hands dirty” sort of men. About 1 in 4 women (24%) are drawn to these qualities as well.

Yup, yup, yup.

I have little patience for the soft, Brooks Brothers look. Give me a man with stubble, with a few rough edges, any day. Chest hair. Mmmm.

What can I say? Guess I’m an old fashioned girl at heart. I like manly men.


There’s a lot more to the results, but I haven’t got time to look at it right now. I’ll update this post later if I find anything interesting.

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  • personality quiz 101 – I filled out the 40 questionaire with…took me 30 minutes. Then, when I was finished, there was a nationwide search made to “find” a match for me. The response I finally recieved – 10 minutes later was: “we’re sorry, there are no matches that meet your criteria anywhere in the United States, you might want to change some of your answers”. :< Such is my luck….where is the damn vibrator?

  • I work outdoors…My arms are tanned, my face is tanned, weathered. Sometimes when I’m working drops of salty sweat roll down my nose. At night when I go home and wash myself I move my hands down over my defined abdominal muscles…Nowhere else on Earth would be safer for you than enfolded within my strong arms..and perhaps you’d feel the firmness, the need, my manhood pushed up against your belly…and maybe you’d taste the sweat on my face and wonder about the heavenly smell of my glans..all day constrained within tight jocks and just begging for release..

  • I used to be more “out doorsy”, but i seem to haev fallen in the {grwong) trend of metrosexuality.
    Dont get mo wrong. I’ll get dirty if i have to, but then I’m off to wash my hands.

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