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Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m simply terrible with email for this site. It’s not you, honestly – I love you all. But between the day job (200+ emails/day), the night job (50+ emails/day), and personal emails, I’m one overloaded chickie when it comes to email. I can promise I read every one with delicious delight. I thank each and every one of you for writing. But my response levels are somewhere below 10%. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

That said, I occasionally get send something that piques my interest or hooks into something I’ve been thinking about anyway, and I get it in my little head to respond. Such is the case with an email I received a few days ago:

would you ever pose for nude photographs? if so, would you show them on the
web? why or why not?

Let’s take these one at a time.

Would I ever pose for nude photographs? I have done so, yes, though strictly for personal use between myself and my lovers. I have a few particularly lovely ones from a few years ago that I took of myself that I still enjoy peeking at once in a while, and another small set a lover took of me while cuffed and chained which I also find fetching.

In truth, I’d love to pose for some professional shots. Artistic mostly, more so than outrageously pornographic. Black and white, you get the idea. I even considered once responding to an ad in a local magazine when they were looking for models with my body type for a porn web site.

But the truth is that away from this site, I’m a small business owner who hawks her wares to relatively conservative family-types who would likely take a dim view of anything that smacked of porn. It’s one of the reasons that Vikki is an alias for me. Yes, I hear you all gasping. I adopted the moniker years ago and I’ve grown very comfortable with it. I don’t do it to be dishonest, and if the world were as open minded as each of you I wouldn’t have to worry about it, but I do… particularly when it comes to my livelihood. So, it’s unlikely I’ll ever pose professionally, much as the idea might intrigue me.

Same reason, really, for not posting any photos of myself on the site. I hear from visitors every now and again who would like to know what I look like. I know that many people use my stories for the decadent art of self-pleasuring, and for visual people, it’s easier to make the fantasy alive with a picture of the person in their head.

For the forseeable future, however, you’ll just all have to use your imaginations. 🙂

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  • Perfectly understandable.
    I’m in the same situation – but altogether different, because I don’t have the body-type for nude photos 😉 – I write (rather explicit) erotica.
    Leading a small business in a small german town is not easy anyway. But try again when everybody thinks they know about your favourite style to give a BJ…because they read your book. That could be embarassing. So I spent hours and days with searching for a name to be published with. And came up with the perfect idea: my grandma’s name. Well – if she would think of it as an honour or is constantly spinning in her grave – thats another matter! 😉

  • While I can’t say I blame you (I myself post anon for various reasons of my own), I do have to ask if that was your tummy gracing the previous design of this site.
    It was a very cute tummy.

  • I’d like to know what you look like even if it’s just a general description without pictures. Any chance?

  • Well if you are ever in the San Francisco bay area you ought to look up my wife, professional photographer in training. You can see some of her work here if interested. No nudes, but you can get an idea of her style.

  • Pictures eh.. hmmmm.
    Would love to see those (wink)
    In answer to the people who want a description:
    The sexiest eyes you have ever seen( I could stare into them for hours)
    An awesome smile(I really like it when she bites her lip!)
    She smells do good it makes me want to weep.
    Skin so soft I can barely keep my hands to myself(shy grin)
    nuff said!

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