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So… haven’t been many posts lately. Thank goodness we can always depend on DW and the newly-returned-from-salacious-orgy Bacchus. Yes, I know there are thousands of other sex bloggers out there, and I read them occasionally (if I ever get to it, I’ll also have a blogroll of sorts on the side, but that requires a redesign, and as you’ll see, my time is limited). But those are the two I read every day without fail.


There are very good reasons, this time – well, there are always good reasons for being too busy to post. But not very sexy ones, at least not all the time. Most of the time over the last six months it’s been because juggling two jobs (my day job, and the home based biz I’m building) has gotten hairy and the last thing I can find the energy to do is think about sex, much less blog about it.

Thankfully, these times don’t happen too often or Vikki wouldn’t be a very happy girl.

But this time around, I’m lucky enough that it hasn’t been work taking over my very ability to breathe. It’s been a boy.

Yes, I heard that gasp, you, in the back row. Shaddap. 🙂

We met a few weeks ago, and we’ve been either seeing each other or on the phone for-freaking-ever pretty much every night since. I’d forgotten what it was like to talk on the phone till all hours of the day and night, to stay up until it’s nearly dawn. We get along like a raging brushfire.

He has the ability to curl my toes with a look, a word, a touch.

And damn, the man’s a great kisser.

I hesitate to say more just yet because y’know, I do have the innate ability to jinx these things.

So for now, that’s all you get. *laughs* More soon, I promise!

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  • “time over the last six months it’s been because juggling two jobs has gotten hairy” Dear Vikki – please don’t let it get too hairy. You must take time for yourself and keep it smooth and silky. Your wonderful new man will fully appreciate the time you spend on yourself and your important bits. Use a depilating cream regularly and he will enjoy looking and licking you even more…..

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