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know thyself


You know, I started reading about BDSM just a little under a year ago. I was fascinated, scared, and hesitant.While it didn’t take long for the appeal to kick in, one area of BDSM they cover in the books and articles I’ve read didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I call it the “personal growth” factor. The PG factor means that some (? maybe all, I don’t know) find...

submission, episode three


Naked, kneeling, wrists bound behind my back, I rub my cheek against him. He is so hard. I catch the slightest whiff of scent - that wonderful scent that all men exude - and I begin to salivate. I can feel the wetness between my open thighs as I turn my head and slide my lips over him.

on being a collector


In my life, I’ve collected a great many things. As a child I collected stickers and friendship beads and marbles and rocks. In my teens, I collected figurines of wizards and dragons, chunks of gems like amethyst and quartz, and romance books. As an adult, I’ve collected Santa Claus(es), candles and candleholders, sex toys, and erotica books. I’ve known people who collect coins...

way back when


You could say I was always interested in sex. By the time I was fifteen (as yet untouched by man, so to speak), I’d read most of Masters and Johnson’s Sex and Human Loving. My girlfriends and I would talk on the phone for hours about boys, about sex. I’d sneak downstairs to our basement and read my dad’s Penthouse magazines when my parents weren’t home. I could...

sex, misc.


Nothing of great weight or importance here, just a few random notes to share: 1. American Sex Machines: The Hidden History of Sex at the U.S. Patent Office looks like an interesting read. Of hilarious and yet disturbing interest to me was the section on “rape prevention” patents – many of which involved inserting and wearing an empty “tube” in the vagina…. only...

to cut or not to cut


Are we going to see more of this as time goes on? Nineteen year old William Stowell is suing the hospital that circumsized him as an infant, claiming that they deprived him of a future of normal, sexual and more pleasurable intercourse. Interesting quote from the story: “The study, conducted by researcher Kristen O’ Hare, concludes ‘the anatomically complete penis offers a more...

when small toys are not enough


Reading a new article on sexy furniture on got me to thinking about all those toys you can’t bring home in a shopping bag. Is there really a market out there for furniture specifically designed for sex? Time for me to hit the research trail and find out… Here’s what I learned: Yes, Virginia, there is a furniture shop designed just for your kinkiest and naughtiest...

ignorance is not bliss, it’s just ignorant


You know, when I run across something that has a potential to infuriate me and fill me with righteous indignation, I should know better than to read it. I should click a link, do a search, walk away from the computer altogether. But I can’t. Just like anti-porn activists seem to be helplessly drawn to pornography again and again, so am I helpless to stop myself from reading utter drivel and...

my faith in film restored


I’m frustrated by porn/erotic films in general. It’s like music (or was) – unless you actually buy the tape, there’s no way of telling whether the movie will be any good. And once you’ve bought it, you’re stuck with it. I have a few Candida Royalle and Andrew Blake videos gathering dust on my video shelves due to this lack of ability to “try before you...

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