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Nothing of great weight or importance here, just a few random notes to share:
1. American Sex Machines: The Hidden History of Sex at the
U.S. Patent Office looks like an interesting read. Of hilarious and yet disturbing interest to me was the section on “rape prevention” patents – many of which involved inserting and wearing an empty “tube” in the vagina…. only the empty “tube” had a sharp spike inside it, guaranteed to maim the rapist for life. Assuming he didn’t notice it inside first, that is.
2. Viagra for women now available as a handy cream. According to the article, it works by “increasing the production of nitric oxide in the clitoris, which in turn increases blood supply”. Sounds an awful lot like the claims of many of the “sex creams” already on the market. Which is to say, you just know that some couples are going to try to get their hands on some even if the woman’s sexual responses are completely normal, just to jack up the experience a bit, as it were.
3. And from the Health files, Can A Man’s Penis Be So Large He Loses Excitability? Interesting question.

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