to cut or not to cut


Are we going to see more of this as time goes on? Nineteen year old William Stowell is suing the hospital that circumsized him as an infant, claiming that they deprived him of a future of normal, sexual and more pleasurable intercourse.
Interesting quote from the story: “The study, conducted by researcher Kristen O’ Hare, concludes ‘the anatomically complete penis offers a more rewarding experience for the female partner during coitus.’ ”
Maybe I’m in denial or completely unaware of the workings of my own physiology, but how exactly can foreskin make a difference during coitus for the woman? Sure, I understand how it would be better for the man – more sensitive, etc. – but having been with men of both types, I can’t say I noticed a difference during intercourse. Yes, big differences when I touch him, or when I give him head, but not once he was inside me. Perhaps I’m just oblivious.
But I digress.
I find myself in such a mental dilemma over cases like this.
See, I’m 100% behind halting genital mutilation. When I hear the stories about African women still getting clitordectomies today, I’m outraged. Now, to be fair, everything I’ve read on clitordectomies suggest that it would be roughly analagous to cutting off 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis in a male, but still, it would seem awfully hypocritical of me to be against female genital mutilation and yet still be in favour of circumcision. I know this. And it’s not like I’m “all for” circumcision.
Still, I like looking at circumsized cocks. I like touching them. I like feeling them with my hands and lips and tongue. And I love slicking them up with oil and sliding them through my fingers, which in all honesty isn’t as pleasurable for me when the man is uncircumcised. It feels different. Now, by that same token, there are things that are more fun with uncircumcised men – they’re far more sensitive during oral sex, for instance, and regular visitors to my diary know just how much I love to give head, so this is gratifying. But I don’t think my opposition to genital mutilation will ever make me feel a distaste for cirumcised cocks.
In the end, I’m mostly curious as to how this lawsuit (and the others that are sure to follow) will play out. Based on my own sexual partners, I’d say about 80-85% of them were circumcised. That could mean a lot of money in lawsuits for hospitals if more men decided to sue.

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