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So my man decided to join me in the shower last Saturday. He loves to wash my hair and back and, okay, naughty bits too. (Truth be told, I think he’s mainly there for the naughty-bit-washing. The shock!) On this particular Saturday, I was out of body wash. Vikki’s been a busy girl of late. So I’ve been using my body scrub every day instead. You should have seen his face when I...

just when you never thought it would happen


I’m sure the only computers still checking this web site for updates are manned by ‘bots; however, that’s OK. This was always more a place for me to think out loud and formulate my desires, dreams and opinions “out loud”, so to speak – so it’s just fine that there are more echoes in this “out loud” place than there used to be. 🙂 One of my most...

what the hell was that?


Something happened the other night that has me mystified. I was being stimulated, close to orgasm, built up and up and then finally I was there, I was having an orgasm but it didn’t feel like relief, it felt like there was more and things kept happening and it built again as I nearly screamed my damned lungs out and ten to fifteen seconds later it built even higher and I think every bone in...



You know, I never really considered myself an exhibitionist. Despite my deep wet sexual ungh for public places, it was never really the being seen itself that was the turn on – just the danger that you could be caught. I think. Er. That is to say, I’m not sure. There’s also the fantasy I had a while back, about a guy and his friend. Is that exhibitionism? Probably. Just not how...

who left the toys out? woof!


Please note that this story is going to be very broken up due to editorial comments, which are in italics. Bear with me! 🙂 So a girlfriend of mine calls me today to tell me a funny / horrifying story. Well, funny to me – horrifying for her. Once or twice a year (!) she pulls out a toy to play with. And the rest of the year, she… what? Uses her hand? The shower massage? Closes her eyes...

an adventure (well, almost)


So I’ve been promising for ages to tell you all about the one and only time I ever kissed another girl. This seemed like a good enough moment to sit and pen the tale. Like most of my stories, it has an element of the ridiculous. I swear, I don’t make these things up. Suffice it to say that by the time you reach your thirties, you’ve usually collected a few funny sex stories...

he with the magic fingers


A million years or so ago I promised to tell the story of He With The Magic Fingers. I warn you, the story might take a while, because there’s more to it than fingers. It started pretty innocently; friendship. I was still married, still living with my husband, though only in name; he was due to move out in a few months. I remember how it really began because it was the night my husband...

and so


You know, when I first set up this blog a billion and a half years ago (4+ years ago, Internet time) I set up a single guideline: no talking about present lovers. I could talk about the past, fantasize about the future, but no fair mentioning current partners. It was for my own sanity, really – it’s the only way I could force myself to write uncensored, not worrying about what the...

the art of the tease


The boy helped me to realize another fantasy the other night. It was one of the most erotic and exciting moments of my life, and I just had to share it with you. Those of you who have been regulars around here know my curiousity with the tease. Particularly the slightly more structured world of “tease and denial”. Not that I believe in outright denial, per se – I like to think...

a fantasy (partially) fulfilled


As long as I can remember, I’ve had a fantasy about porn theaters. Most of the time, it’s pretty demure – go there with a lover, cop some naughty feels, maybe kneel on the sticky floor and take him in my mouth while he watches the action onscreen. In my fantasy, the “theater” looks like one of those lovely old theaters before the word multiplex became part of our...

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