So my man decided to join me in the shower last Saturday. He loves to wash my hair and back and, okay, naughty bits too.

(Truth be told, I think he’s mainly there for the naughty-bit-washing. The shock!)

On this particular Saturday, I was out of body wash. Vikki’s been a busy girl of late. So I’ve been using my body scrub every day instead. You should have seen his face when I opened the tub to let him dip his fingers in to pick up some creamy gritty scrub to wash me with. 🙂

Of course, the surprise was on me once he started rubbing it all over my body. It just feels different when a man is rubbing body scrub all over your body. Sexier. And – oohgoodlord, what’s that!?

That, as it turns out, is the feel of his strong fingers rubbing body scrub all over my pussy lips. The friction. I tell you. Made me want to squirm and rub up against him, because it was incredible but Not Enough Dammit.

And then his other hand moved up to my nipple. Usually my nipples are too sensitive to be played with much in the shower (I have, like, the world’s most sensitive damned nipples, and not always in a good way) but this was OHmyOHmy. Somehow the extra friction didn’t make it worse, it made it better. I was naked and squirming all over.

I lubed up my hand with a little scrub to see if it felt as good to him. Apparently, based on the growls reaching my ears, it was. The scrub was a delicious friction against my palm as I stroked him from root to tip and back again, twisting and pressing in all the places I know he likes best.

Meanwhile his naughty fingers had started rubbing against my clit more directly, and the friction. SHIT! The friction. I tell you. I was literally out of my mind, no more rational thought, completely in VikkiSlutLand and just wanting more and harder and ohmygodohmygod.

This wonderful interlude also reminded him why I so rarely come standing up – because my knees just drop on me the second the orgasm hits. Thank God he’s strong and kept me upright because if it were up to me I would have sprawled naked and wet into the bottom of the tub.

Once I was able to pronounce my name again, we rinsed off the remaining body scrub in a hurry (how did I get some on my lips?) and he threw me, damp and naked on the bed for a good rogering.

Body scrub. Who knew? 😉

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  • my wife has painfully sensitive nipples due to her birth control. damn birth control, ruining my fun… her gyno suggested taking primrose oil, which may be a placebo effect, but it was worth a shot. It sort of helps, not a cure though. So if you are on the pill, this may explain nipple sensitivity.

  • Love the feel of the roughness on the shaft. Those of us boys who are uncut have to be careful of what goes on under the turtleneck! 🙂

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