what the hell was that?


Something happened the other night that has me mystified. I was being stimulated, close to orgasm, built up and up and then finally I was there, I was having an orgasm but it didn’t feel like relief, it felt like there was more and things kept happening and it built again as I nearly screamed my damned lungs out and ten to fifteen seconds later it built even higher and I think every bone in my body broke (for a moment, at least) as I came, incredibly hard, bucking and just blown away by the force and the pleasure.

[Those of you who’ve been reading me for years know that I’ve traditionally been a once-a-night-if-I’m-lucky girl, only very rarely capable of having more than that, and even then it’s never guaranteed.]

So my first thoughts were: What the hell? Was that a multiple orgasm or… what the hell WAS that?

Being the scholarly little slut that I am, I hit the books in my reference library as well as Google to find out exactly what a multiple orgasm is. And according to what I’ve been reading so far what I had last night does not qualify; most descriptions of MO mention the ability to have three, four, five orgasms in a night… with a brief refractory period after each.

That definitely doesn’t sound like what I experienced – there was a long enough gap for me to recognize the two separate peaks but there’s no way I went through four stages in ten or fifteen seconds.

Some sites have made reference to extended or expanded orgasm, which sounds like a closer candidate – except generally these refer to one looooong orgasm, (that link above describes orgasms that can last up to twenty minutes – good lord, I’d be dead) and what I felt really did feel like two, just without a break in between, sort of.

Like sneezes, they’re hard to explain. πŸ™‚

I will say that it was extraordinary, it reduced me to giggling tears afterwards, and I think I actually lost my voice for a few moments. My poor neighbours. *laughs*

I continue to research, including, with any luck, more hands-on experiments, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’ll keep you all updated!

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  • How does that old joke go?
    A lady walks into a doctors office and says “I have trouble acheiving orgasm and I was hoping to get a prescription to help me.”
    The doctor nods, gestures for her to follow and says “Come this way”
    To which the lady responds, “Honey, if I could come that way I wouldn’t need a friggin prescription!”
    -regardless of what it was, kudos for having the chance to enjoy it, eh?

  • woohoo — sounds great! but you took us to the proverbial edge, prose-wise, then rather abandoned us. Who assisted in this marvy discovery — particular guy (or, dare I hope, girl), technique (tongue, dildo, or…), particularly good porno, what? prurient details, s’il toi plait!!!!

  • *sweats*
    Are your neighbors moving out anytime soon? My lease is up in…
    where the hell is my lease?
    *wanders off on tangent…*

  • Wow…congrats! That happened to me a couple of times. Exactly as you described it. Like waves crashing on a beach, each one getting bigger and bigger. Prior to the first time, I had never had an orgasm with a lover. Since it happened, I’ve become orgasmic. Never quite like that first time, unfortunately, but there’s always hope!
    Anyway…good luck with the research, and whether or not you ever find a label to put on it, I hope you experience it many more times.

  • the first time I had one was from oral and since then I strive for them. I have had a couple manually but the are hard to maintain (lose the rythum)I can also have them by laying my vibrator to the left of my clit it’s indirect but awesome

  • Many here have suggested that you endeavor to effect additional research. Although grants might not be forthcoming due to the unfortunate legal issues involved, I am certain you will spare no effort in replicating your previous results under laboratory conditions.
    May I also remind you that good researchers carefully document and publicize their findings. Peer review, after all, is a critical component of the rigorous scientific method. Furthermore, your experiments must be repeated by others — the more empirical evidence is gathered for analysis and comparative validation, the better.
    Of course, given that you are founder of HerDesires.net, one of the longest-running journals in the “sex blog” field, I doubt you will need my encouragement to publish.

  • there does NOT have to be a brief refractory period between MO’s – I’ve often experienced that “waves rolling” effect – they just don’t let up and sometimes it does feel like you’re going to pop. Congrats!
    The trick is a lover who knows when to stop (or not)- mine knows when to gleefully ignore my tortured protests – AND when I actually AM too worn out and short-circuited to take anymore.
    So keep practicing and communicating!!
    ps: I’ve only had these with oral/manual stimulation, never with intercourse. And it’s not ALL the time.

  • The kind of orgasm you describe can be obtained with electrostimulation of the genitals, where one electrode leans against the G-spot and an other one lays on the clitoris. The current then stimulates the whole body of the clit, not just the external visible part of it, but also the inside root that folds around the urethra and ends at the G-spot.
    Another electrode configuration is a 2 inch urethral sound and an anal plug.

  • I can’t put my vibrator directly ON my clit…its too semsitive…that might be because the vibrator I use isn’t for sexual pleasure but rather the soothing of joints and muscles…I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever had a true orgasm before…isn’t that sad? Sure is for me…

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