You know, I never really considered myself an exhibitionist. Despite my deep wet sexual ungh for public places, it was never really the being seen itself that was the turn on – just the danger that you could be caught. I think. Er. That is to say, I’m not sure. There’s also the fantasy I had a while back, about a guy and his friend. Is that exhibitionism? Probably. Just not how I ever perceived it.

When I think about exhibitionism, I always thought: creepy men wearing raincoats. Or beautiful, drunk college girls riding on boys’ shoulders, sans bikini top. Stuff I’d never do in a million years.
And yet. And yet.

I’m a noisy girl in bed. I don’t say much – and depending on my level of arousal and general subbieness, I may not be able to respond sensibly to questions, either. But I moan, and whimper, and there are generally ascending levels of “oh god”s and “oh my gods” as I come closer to orgasm. If it’s a particularly intense orgasm, the sounds that come out of me as the wave crests are very loud indeed.

One time, a (dominant) partner of mine decided to record me as he touched, teased and fondled me into complete and utter ecstasy. I didn’t know he’d done it, and was so very embarassed when he chuckled and played it back for me once I’d come back down to myself again.

And yet. And yet.

Part of me was so very turned on. This wasn’t fake porn moans. These were real whimpers, moans and pleadings of a very turned on subbie feeling incredible pleasure all the way to a (relatively loud) orgasm.

And here’s the “and yet”.

Part of me wanted him to share it. To turn me on. To turn him on. And to turn on anyone else who cared to listen to it.

The idea of someone else getting turned on by listening to it… Whew. Is it warm in here? Does that make me an exhibitionist? Not sure.

Perhaps I should think more about this whole exhibitionist streak, hmm?

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  • May I propose an experiment wherein you test your exhibitionist streak by making said audio recording — and any other similarly sexy photographic, videographic, or audio material of yourself that you possess — available to the wonderful readers of your blog. 😉
    My only motivation, of course, is that I want to measure how difficult it is for you to do it and how turned on you get. (Of course. Of course. And yet…)

  • Now I picture countless readers of your post sitting before their computers with big shining eyes and the sincere hope that you will post this soundfile somewhere around here! 😉
    I have to admit – I would love to listen to it, too! *GG*

  • I think that a lot of what gets labelled as “exhibitionism” is just the thrill of being naked, or at least sexual, in places that we typically aren’t. It’s the thrill of the new.
    Think about it. Most of us get completely naked only in our bedrooms and bathrooms, occasionally the living room. Likewise, that’s where most of us have what little sex we get.
    Now, what about the idea of getting naked in your office, say? There’s a great thrill at just the idea of it for some people, even if there is no sex involved.
    How about the basement? Or the backyard? Anyplace you don’t normally get naked becomes erotically charged when you think about getting naked there, and it doesn’t require observers. Even the idea of getting caught isn’t that important to it.
    Try it sometime. Find a place at the office where you can get naked without anyone finding you, whether it’s your office or a storage room or whatever. When no one else is around, go down in the basement or some other room in the house you normally wouldn’t be and take off your clothes. There’s definitely a thrill there.

  • yeah, i imagine it is exhibitionism in it’s way.
    i used to thing that sex in public places was exhibitionism, and to an extent it is, but i think of it in terms of potential of being caught. but i think true exhibitionism is more what you describe, more the ѱX of others actually seeing and hearing.

  • I used to live in a flat next door to a lesbian couple and they were very loud indeed. I could hear them having sex most nights and mornings and it would go on for ages. I always found it a massive turn on – the range of sounds they were coming out with were amazing and it was much better than any pornography because it was real. Anyway the point is I always wondered how they would feel if they knew I was listening intently just a few feet away – I presumed they would be mortified, but who knows, maybe not.

  • Just wanted to say, I like your site.
    One time, my wife and I were hiking in SW Texas ( Big Bend) . The park is huge and often you wouldn’t see anyone for hrs.
    We came across this hot spring. At first we just dipped our feet, then stepped in ( we were wearing shorts. Aftre we were comfortable and convinced that no one else was around, we stripped and enjoyed ourselves.

  • Exhibitionism is great fun — even if it’s just being out in public and doing the deed.
    I remember when I was first learning the range of g-spot sex in my life ( my boyfriend at the time had discovered a DVD from New Sex Institute http://www.NewSex.org which taught him a technique which FINALLY turned me on to my potential in this extreme-sex area) and we went ahead and did it in a parking garage! It was so thrilling to know that someone could just motor up on us as we were standing there against the brick wall with me squirting all over the concrete.
    If you don’t have the guts to release your audio, you may enjoy just releasing your sexual fluids somewhere very un-private, then work your way up to porn.

  • In viewing pictures of women today. I am amazed how women display themselves. Many exhibit the same seeming timidness at first but then smiles seem to start happening. some first embarrassment smiles then just purrre down right sexy smiles as they disrobe. Women love to be seen and heard! I love to look at them and hear them hot!

  • I love the thought that someone could hear me howling, knowing what’s going on in that hotel room, and racing off to seek release in whatever way pleases.
    It definitely adds to the rush.

  • Take the advice of the others who say to start off with small acts and progress to bigger things as you gain confidence and comfort. Small ways to start are, as already mentioned, being naked in your house in rooms other than you bathroom or bedroom at all times of the day. Try to spend a whole day naked in the house.
    Next steps:
    -Don’t wear panties under a skirt that *might* get blown by the wind. Simialrly, wear a loose shirt or sweater that opens when you bend over so one could look down it.
    -Don’t wear a bra under a sheer blouse and have a cardigan or jacket over top that you can use to control coverage in a public place.
    -Take a walk at night in a long coat or jacket wearing nothing underneath. Unbutton and open it as you get comfortable.
    -Take a drive on a highway wearing the jacket or skirt and open/lift them to reveal yourself. Maybe someone will look?
    -Wear pants that have a very low rise without underwear. When you squat down, someone may get a look down the back.
    Once you’re comfortable doing these things, then you might want to try going to secluded places and just taking it all off, driving naked, etc.

  • i am a male that enjoys exhibitionism, to a point i think. there are several ways I am able to accomplish being naked in front of other females:
    brazilian bikini waxes with various estheticians based in the area i live. i seldom go to the same salon.
    we have a nude beach near where i live. that can be good.
    2 female friends of mine and me when out on a boat the other day. i deliberately forgot my suit and so went skinnydipping while girls wore their suit.
    i play in a coed ice hockey league where all use the same changing room. i seem able to offer fleeting glimpses to the females on the team, and am sometimes offered the same in return.
    if anyone else has any suggestions that are legal and that would not offend the person that sees me, i would love to know.
    email me

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