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Have you ever wondered if the snake that enticed Eve to eat the apple in the first place, thereby causing the destruction of man and humanity’s exile from paradise, was actually Adam’s randy penis in the first place? How would history have changed if this were true? (In point of fact, of course, this may very well have been true… since men wrote history.) Alas, we’ll never...

renting porn


I’ve rented porn sporadically for the past, oh, ten years or so. I’m not what you’d call a heavy consumer – I rent less than five movies a year, in general – but I do occasionally enjoy porn. More so since I found gay male porn, which is about a million times better than hetero porn, as I’ve said before.Why don’t I rent more? A few reasons. Money. Lack of...

what’s sexy?


There are eternal favourites of mine, of course. Seeing naked skin (my own, someone else’s – it doesn’t matter) in soft lighting. Someone kissing the back of my neck. Or the back of my knees. Eating food from someone else’s fingers. Music that reaches you in places down deep, like Morcheeba. Surreptitious naughty touching in a public place.Intelligence, too, is a powerful...

sex and violence?


Okay, this entry shall come with a warning: If you are a television snob (read: you love the Simpsons but eschew teen shows) you might as well walk on by. I have a secret confession to make. I’m addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I mean seriously addicted. As in taping the show, owning all the episodes I can buy on video… you get the idea. That’s neither here nor there, I...

on age and sex drive


First, turning thirty last month was no picnic. Particularly when there are such good times to look forward to in the future. Oi! Second, a warning to any woman considering the birth control shot called DepoProvera. I was on the thing for nearly a year, and the second half of that year I didn’t notice anything wrong… but again, I did find myself masturbating less (but I was busy, I...

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