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First, turning thirty last month was no picnic. Particularly when there are such good times to look forward to in the future. Oi!
Second, a warning to any woman considering the birth control shot called DepoProvera. I was on the thing for nearly a year, and the second half of that year I didn’t notice anything wrong… but again, I did find myself masturbating less (but I was busy, I told myself), writing less erotica (just couldn’t come up with a stimulating storyline no matter how hard I tried) and just didn’t feel up to thinking about sex, much less writing about it (as you may have noticed if you’ve stopped by here recently, I imagine I’ve lost all my regular readers!) or even answering email about it. Ick. Stopped dating. Stopped taking the shots (since there didn’t seem to be much point). But I was just going through a down-phase. I thought.Until a recent news story caught my eye, that is. And that’s when I found it out.
Guess what, ladies? The very same drug – its generic name is Medroxy Progesterone Acetate – is given to pedophiles upon release from prison to “blunt” their sex drive.
Read the details here. And then view the pamphlet for DepoProvera.
If it dampens men’s sex drives, when they have so much more testosterone than women, what must it do to women?
So there you have it. No big horror stories, just a warning. If you like sex, try another method of birth control. Lowered testosterone, logically speaking (despite what the company says) will lower your sex drive. And since you’re kind of taking the shots to have more sex, not less, you’ll be working at cross purposes.

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