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a fantasy (partially) fulfilled


As long as I can remember, I’ve had a fantasy about porn theaters. Most of the time, it’s pretty demure – go there with a lover, cop some naughty feels, maybe kneel on the sticky floor and take him in my mouth while he watches the action onscreen. In my fantasy, the “theater” looks like one of those lovely old theaters before the word multiplex became part of our...

ladies and gentlemen, your attention please


I’m a naughty, naughty girl. But I’ve finally received the spanking that was so long overdue. It hasn’t whipped me into obedience, quite yet – but I will say that oh, how I have missed the feel of a big, strong hand connecting with my tender bottom. The boy knows how to spank. Damn. Shudder. Perhaps, with due diligence and earnest application of discipline, I will in time...

pretty new legs


Well, the imagined new design is now cut, styled and up for your perusal. It’s been tested in most major browsers on PC, but if it looks wonky for you, please let me know. Finally, I have a blogroll of sorts – been meaning to do so for ages, if only for myself so I can hop down to my favourite sites anytime I like. Can you believe I’ve been doing this for five years? It’s...

redesign coming soon


Amusingly, just as soon as I complained about not having enough time to do some reconstruction work on this blog, I got inspired by a snazzy illustration and reworked the whole canoodle in an hour in Photoshop. It’s sexy and I think you’ll all like it; look for it within the next week or so. I see the new boy in my life this evening. Strange, to be this excited about seeing someone...

dee lucky girl


DeeGee Girl wrote recently: He laid me on the bed and ran his hands across my body. “I need to fuck your ass,” he said quietly. There was no preamble. No foreplay. But I was so turned on by the prospect that I leaned on my side and waited for him to lube himself up. She goes on to write about a wonderfully decadent time had by all, with just the right touch of D/s to make my toes curl...

catching up


So… haven’t been many posts lately. Thank goodness we can always depend on DW and the newly-returned-from-salacious-orgy Bacchus. Yes, I know there are thousands of other sex bloggers out there, and I read them occasionally (if I ever get to it, I’ll also have a blogroll of sorts on the side, but that requires a redesign, and as you’ll see, my time is limited). But those...

just found the toy of my dreams


Oh. My. God. I just found it. I have no idea how it would feel to wear it, but oh, how I would die to experience it. The TongueJoy vibrator. The idea, really, of the tongue – and vibration – at the same time – argh. Reminds me of one of the few times I actually came via oral sex – we were trying out my very first silver bullet. Myself, and He With The Magical Hands. Which...

losing my virginity, part 2


A while back I posted losing my virginity, part 1. A reader recently reminded me I never did post part 2, which is equally funny in its own way. So here goes. A few months after the first attempt, I was re-dating a boyfriend I’d been very close to in high school. I had wanted to give him my virginity, anyway, back then, so sure. He could be the one. After a few weeks of dates, we decided we were...

the sexless marriage support forum


You know, being in a sexless marriage was one of the most difficult things in my life. I felt very alone, very ugly, very worthless. And very frustrated, because I found my husband wildly attractive. The worst part of all, however, was being alone. The point is, I talked about these times in my life during two major posts: the sexless marriage, and the sexless marriage, redux. Funny things...

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