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You know, being in a sexless marriage was one of the most difficult things in my life. I felt very alone, very ugly, very worthless. And very frustrated, because I found my husband wildly attractive.

The worst part of all, however, was being alone.

The point is, I talked about these times in my life during two major posts: the sexless marriage, and the sexless marriage, redux.

Funny things started to happen over time. Other people started to post their stories. And talk to one another. Wish I’d known there were so many people out there living the same life as mine back when I was married. Before long, I had dozens of heartfelt stories posted to each page. And each one broke my heart.

I wanted to help, but really, I also know that each person has to work things out for themselves. Still, support and knowing you’re not alone count for something.

Because these pages were both incredibly long, it wasn’t practical to leave them up permanently and continue to take comments. So, I’ve closed access to both threads and opened up a message board where people can continue to share their stories and give each other support.

You can find the sexless marriage support forum here:

I’ve got a free trial for 30 days. If enough people find it useful, I’ll fork out the money for a three-month package, and then we’ll take it from there. I hope it serves as a better replacement for the threads I’ve seen in the two posts linked above.

If you run a web site and would like to link to the boards, feel free.

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  • Hi Joe,
    Yeah, I’m familiar with PHPbb and its variants, but I don’t have much room left on my hosting account for more traffic, particularly the PHP/MySQL kind. Hence the hosting elsewhere.
    Thanks though!

  • If you want a free forum for the same purposes (and you have sufficient space on your webserver), you could always go with a phpBB. It’s free, you host it, and you have total control.
    If need be, I could even help you set it up (as I’ve already set one up in the past). It’s not too hard at all.
    Check out

  • It sucks to be misunderstood…You are an awesome chic…married or not.
    Love is strange, and evolves over time in ways that seem mysterious and sometimes slow.
    Be patient, and have faith. True love and commitment (sp?) will always triumph over emotions…it doesn’t matter how you feel, hon. It really only matters what you DO.
    Forgive the unsolicited advice.

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