pretty new legs


Well, the imagined new design is now cut, styled and up for your perusal. It’s been tested in most major browsers on PC, but if it looks wonky for you, please let me know.

Finally, I have a blogroll of sorts – been meaning to do so for ages, if only for myself so I can hop down to my favourite sites anytime I like.

Can you believe I’ve been doing this for five years? It’s the 2nd longest running site I’ve ever maintained. Whew. Time flies when you’re horny!

Hopefully, this new design (coupled with the very naughty new boy in my life) will inspire oodles of interesting posts for your delectation.
Until then…

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  • I LIKE the new look. Sort of retro. The headline lady has a very unfashionable figure – soft, generous and a magnificent voluptuous ass. Can we see more of her?

  • Much different look. I’m going to have to get used to it. I like it but I also liked the old look. I notice some old entries have disappeared. I hope it’s not because of me. I’m just a curious but harmless geek.

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the new design!
    SL, which posts have disappeared for you? I have not removed or deleted any posts, and everything seems to be functioning correctly. Can you think of an example?

  • Oops, maybe my bad. I was thinking of “Losing My Virginity, Part 2” from a week or two ago. There it is, over in the musings section. I had remembered a diary entry for it and thought it had disappeared, but maybe there wasn’t one.

  • I like it!
    But it kind of threw me first. From black to white in 0.2 secs…
    Takes some “getting used to it”.

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