Whole bunches of stuff to talk about today… sorry it’s been so long since my last post!

The Viagra Prank: This guy decided to give Viagra a whirl, to see what all the fuss was about (link snagged via Kottke). Aboslutely hilarious adventure. My favourite quote:

I suddenly realized that my wife hadn’t taken a drug. She was this way naturally. Do you see what I’m, ah, driving at here? Suddenly I was made aware of how little I had been doing all these years to satisfy my wife! Viagra SUCKS!

Elsewhere on the web, Fleshbot recently linked to Cyborgasmatrix dolls, yet another twist on the RealDoll. Anybody other than me totally creeped out by the lack of forearms and lower legs? I got the creepies for days after seeing this. And is it just me, or does she totally look like a guy in drag?

In my last post about posing for photos and posting them on the site, I was asked in comments even for just a general description. I was tempted for days to post something about being 6′ with long titian hair down to my ankles, but The Boy has kindly taken care of it for me, and posted a few facts about Vikki Up Close and Personal. I’m still blushing as I write this.

Coming soon – how I am doing with resolution #7.

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  • Very scary indeed. I’m wondering if perhaps they’re made for people who lead towards necrophilia and, in fact, having sex with dead amputees. I wouldn’t be able to help but wonder if I was a step or two away from Jeffrey Dahmer-isms purchasing and using that, erm, thing. More frigthening than the horror movie I rented tonight, for sure!
    On a side note, and as a recent discoverer of your enlightening thoughts and words, just want to say great diary Vikki. Even without pictures or descriptions on the physical side of things, you’re without a doubt one of the sexiest ladies on the web. You’ve actually achieved what most women dream of, and that’s becoming desireable for your mind and the thoughts that swirl around inside it! Bravo! =)

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