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So a while back I mentioned finding a blog written by a gentleman, ostensibly not connected to drug companies in any way, who was keeping a record of his experiment with penis enlargement drugs.

I don’t know why I thought of this tonight, but I did, so I went back to look at how his progress was.

Amazingly, through a combination of the pills and some exercises, he gained about 30 mm (Google tells me that’s just under 1.2 inches) in 16 weeks. And what’s more, he’s kept that extra length just by keeping up with the exercises (he’s not on the pills any more).

He also has reported feeling more aroused and that sex is better as a result. He’s created a graph that shows his progress. The increase once he started adding the exercises was impressive.

What’s more, the change was significant enough that his girlfriend noticed.

He’s apparently inspired other men to try the same thing, and they too are having good results.

I have to admit my curiousity is piqued. Guys, is this something you’d ever see yourselves trying? And girls – would you ever be interested in having your men try it out?

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  • Yes, I agree completely about the pills – I was more curious about the exercises, myself. 🙂

  • I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, mine is quite “big enough” for interaction with the human female; on the other, *if* a method of enlargement was demonstrated to my satisfaction to be both safe and effective, I’m never against a little self-improvement. I’d think of it kind of like a stint of lifting weights to build a little extra muscle. And it could open whole new career options. 😉
    The “safety and efficacy” part is a real problem, though. One pseudonymous blog does not a clinical trial make. In a penis enlargement market well known for scam artists and snake oil, my standards of evidence might be particularly high.
    I could try exercises, since I know what will hurt my body and what will not; but what is going to impel me to pop a pill that contains unknown ingredients and was probably not prepared using pharma-industry quality controls? (I’m the type who always gets the package inserts at the pharmacy and at least skims through them. I want to know what I’m taking, and just as importantly, what *is* known about what I am taking.)
    And there’s another problem. If I try it and it works, I might get all excited and try to e-mail all my friends about it. Will my s.t.0.r.1.e.s about my 1/0/n/g/e/r H|A|R|D|E|R P3N1S get caught by spam filters?

  • Call me skeptical, but something tells me that a pharmaceutical company focused on
    a) weight loss
    b) penis enlargement
    c) breast enhancement
    d) etc.
    is less interested in the long-term health effects of their product than in making a quick buck off of the insecurities of the masses (they’re *still* trying to lift bans on ephedra so they can peddle their wares to the unwary).
    Excercises, fine. There are plenty of ways to enhance your sexual experience through a better understanding of your body (and that of your partner’s!) that are going to have much better results than an extra 1.2 inches (regardless of the percentage increase that is for you).

  • IMO – as a short woman 😉 – adding length is NOT a good thing. Nothing like the sharp pain of a crushed cervix to steal your concentration and spoil the mood just as things are getting really good.

  • If there were a pill that could be authenticated as legimitally being able to add an inch in length it would likely be the best selling drug of all time. I would imagine that 99 per cent of the male population would be interested in getting something like that if it worked. I don’t however, know that men would strictly be interested in it for the benefit of their partners. There’s definitely an underground current that runs in most men’s minds that bigger is better. I suspect it’s similar in scope to what some women go through who are considering getting boob jobs.
    Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about women sizing us up on the street down there except for those of us who feel the need to jog in spandex but I would imagine any man 8 or nine inches or less wouldn’t mind having that extra length, even if, for only ego-boosting reasons.
    I’m very skeptical about medical treatments but exercises I would consider just for the fun of it!

  • I think all men would consider enlarging their penis but I believe that most men would need insurance of secrecy. Then again, men rarely do what I think they will, so you probably ought to disregard this! LOL

  • A friend started taking the occasional Levitra, and in the ensuing conversation (since I’m fairly well known to be open to all sorts of such discussions) we talked about penis enlargement pills and some of the active ingredients.
    So that evening at home while I was surfing around looking for information my girlfriend looked over my shoulder and said “don’t you dare!”.
    I don’t think I’m particularly large, but we do occasionally “bottom out”, and as Jodie points out it plays hell with the mood.
    The exercises interest me from a “changing my desires, attitudes and control” standpoint, but I’d want to be sure that there’s more out there than just PC muscle contractions and the other stuff before I paid good money for the info.

  • Dr. Phil must be laughting his ass right to the bank with all the new patients he is recieving. All these people who are(desperate) for length and are beating themselves up about it. Is bigger better? Who knows. All I know it that if most men spent more enegery on communication and observation than worrying about the size of their dicks they would discover how wonderful sex can be, not to mention how much happier the women in their lives could be.
    And when your partner is happy you are happy.
    Just a little rant.

  • That blog has to be fake, the links to the pill vendors are too blatant. It’s spam.

  • Yeah, I dunno. I’m happy with what I’ve got, and the notions of risks and all that jazz. That’s not really an area I want to take a lot of chances with, y’know?
    Unless I could learn to shoot out candles or some such. That might be cool…

  • I’ve done it and it works. Let me qualify that statement: I’ve enlarged my penis via exercises and it worked. I haven’t tried the pills, but most reports I’ve read on PE forums say they don’t work by themselves.
    The exercises are primarily based on this one technique called jelqing. This involves using your index finger and thumb (like making the OK sign) to squeeze blood from the base of your shaft to the head. Do that (and variations thereof) for 10-30 minutes per day and your penis will get bigger.
    The blogger links to a bunch of PE forums on his page. I’m a regular reader of Cheeky Cherry myself. Lots of great info there.
    And how do I feel now that I went from 6.5 inches to 8? Fantastic. I’m much more confident in bed. My lovers enjoy it. And it’s just such an ego boost.

  • I swear I’m a white man. I’m only 5’10” but when I was younger I could dunk. (A basketball that is…lol) Sexually, I feel that I’m average, but maybe I’m judging on porno movies. I don’t compare hard cocks with my male friends…lol Women have called me “Mr. Big” “Your big and beautiful” “What have you been hiding down there” etc. But I also know women like to say things in bed that they think are going to inspire their man. If she sees it for the first time and says “Its not large is it” shes probably not gonna be the beneficiary of as good a time. 🙂
    I have seen some film of men with very small ones. I’ve always assumed they are in a small minority. If a woman can easily engulf the whole thing in her mouth, without showing the effort in her neck, like its one of those stubby finger pretzels I’m sure its a kick for the man but I’ve always assumed those men were just small.
    Many women I’ve been with don’t find rear entry completely comfortable and a number have stopped me because the penetration is greatest that way. So there again if the man’s smaller he can doggy style every woman he is intimate with and that is a bonus for him and her.
    But I really don’t think its size is as important as using it properly and that includes often and for extended periods. And making it more than mere sex. If you’ve spent the day with the woman doing whatever that goes a long way to making the physical part better. But no man is a machine however large his cock and a big cock will not make him a good sexual partner. I’m 40 now and I know that no man can keep up with a healthy woman in bed and to please a woman he has to try and be an all around lover. If a man with a small cock is that he isn’t at any disadvantages in my opinion.
    I think most women are just happy to get their hands on a healthy one that works, attached to a man that does the
    So maybe I have some black man attributes. Who says white men can’t jump?

  • I know this question doesn’t have anything to do with your post, but I was hoping someone could answer it for me. My boyfriend is stationed hundreds of miles away, and after a couple weeks of no sex, I’m extremely horny. Is there a way to make a home made dildo to satisfy my needs??
    PLEASE help!!

  • “ostensibly not connected to drug companies in any way”
    The links at the top of his blog and sidebar are affiliate links to a company selling the pills and exercise guide. This “blogger” is getting a cut every time some sucker clicks through and buys something (probably $20 to $100, depending on how much the sucker buys).
    I’d bet my middle leg that the “I’m just a regular guy who decided to try it out” schtick is a smalltime con, and his claim to have gained an inch+ is pure fiction.
    No offense Vikki, but this is an obvious scam.

  • You know, I really love this website. I’m a 31 y.o. male from India. Racially, we’re not known for penis size, though we fare better than other Asian and South East Asian races.
    I think most peeps would agree that size matters, though not entirely. I have a 6 and a quarter inch long penis, that is about as wide as the deodorant LID on those flaky phallic deo brands, such as AXE or LYNX (if you’ve heard of those in the US..Ha ha ,everything is turning into either a penis or a vulva).
    Even though my wife loves sex with me and we have a great sex life(and I know she doesn’t lie to make me happy),I’d go in for the drugs to enhance the dimensions of my masculine representation, even if only to find out if it works. Any pill makers looking for volunteers?
    Doug! If you’re here, I’d be grateful on details on ‘jelqing/jerking’ – How long did it take? Did you use any pills?

  • All claim to add length– what I seem to find is that women want a good bit (7″+/-) of that, but girth would be more easily noticable.
    And Jodie- short women (some, at least) can appreciate a ong member – mine was quite good in a 4’11 woman- and I’d Never consider making it longer!

  • Hello there, people living in the outer space!
    We are French -and new to the Net. We were very surprised by the number of ad (2 389 different ones in like one year), 91,74% of them from American firms to American people, about how to get a bigger one. All the same we like to go on dirty chat sites, and WOHA, all the guys there have HUGE stuffs, you wonder if they ever found a woman who could take their stuff in her mouth, not even talking about rear-door wrong-way you-know-what-I-mean intercourse.
    Our is not so big (and it looks even smaller if said in inches!!!) -you know you American got all bigger: skyscrappers, economics, cars, houses, Army, even your fat people are fatter than ours!!! and of course- COCKS.
    So here are some of the results from a survey led in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden and Norway beetwin 1996 and 2002 for the Sexologist European Association:
    Average difference beetwin the size told by owner and reality: +2.1cm (about 0.8 inch)
    Men’s average ideal size: 19.8cm (ab 8 in.)
    Men’s average REAL size: 15.2cm (ab 6 in.)
    That is about SIZE MATTER. Note that 38% of the women had NO IDEA of what was the size of their partner’s sex, 35% could wonder the result with misestimating less than 2cm (ab 0.7 in.).
    What is really funny is that to 72% of women the size doesn’t really matter, as far as it is from “allmost fair” to “not too big”. For them size is the 13th important thing out of twenty, after foreplays, kindness, and all that kind of princess girl that piss off guys because they most often wanna put their willy in her winny and move-it-shake-it-yes- baby-I-come-then-I-smoke-and-I-sleep.
    This post was not so clear at the end!!!
    Any way so,
    (You are sure this works in english?)

  • no, disregard last comment, I was hallucinating. 1 inch =25.4 mm, of course. The man gained 1.18 in.
    I’m so going to start taking those pills too.

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