losing my virginity, part 2


A while back I posted losing my virginity, part 1. A reader recently reminded me I never did post part 2, which is equally funny in its own way. So here goes.

A few months after the first attempt, I was re-dating a boyfriend I’d been very close to in high school. I had wanted to give him my virginity, anyway, back then, so sure. He could be the one.

After a few weeks of dates, we decided we were going to Do It. And everything felt very normal—kissing, fooling around—this was common ground. We’d done this before. I was nervous. He said he’d be very careful with me.

I wasn’t really nervous about the pain, though I couldn’t say that to him. I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do.

Sounds silly, sure—I’d seen porn by then, had a general concept of the inning and outing, but I wasn’t sure how it would feel, how to move, how fast, in which direction, what?

Somewhere in the middle of this mental tennis game in my head he slipped on a condom and pushed inside of me.

Didn’t hurt. Actually, truth be told, didn’t feel like much at all. Felt OK, I suppose. How was I to know?

I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on “moving right”. I felt so awkward, like my hips were moving in the wrong direction. Kind of like trying to write with your left hand for the first time. You can picture the right movements in your head but your body’s just executing them all wrong.

He was very quiet (always was) but I was sure I was Doing It Wrong.

Sure enough, he stopped after about twenty thrusts.

I was humiliated. More so when he rolled off me and went to the bathroom.

I’d done it wrong. Maybe I was some kind of sexual dyslexic who’d just never get it right. Maybe I shouldn’t have moved at all, just let him move. But no, guys like women who help, right?

Somewhere in all this mental castigation, he came back and laid beside me. Snuggled up to me, a little, and asked me if I was OK.

I was nearly in tears. I swallowed them, and whispered quietly to him, “I’m sorry I didn’t do it right.”

He sat up a little and looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry I was moving the wrong way. I’m just new at this.”

He looked surprised. “You were fine.”

“Then why did you stop?”

He shrugged. “I came.”

Thankfully, I eventually learned that men could last for more than twenty strokes. 😉

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  • Be honest.. you were nervous, it felt ‘okay’.. would have 40 strokes, or 60, changed anything really?
    And if you’d been relaxed, wet, or even climaxed from some oral attention, couldn’t have 20 strokes been more than enough?

  • Pure nostalgia…I remember my 1st time like it was yesterday. I was in Malta, just after my 18th birthday, full of healthy teen-lust.
    I got chatting with a German girl called Gabi, who was 22. She was on holiday by herself, as her parents had apid for the break but couldn’t make it. I met Gabi again the next day; she led me up to her room, we talked, caressed, kissed and nibbled each other on the balcony overlooking the beach, drew me inside and rode me ’til exploded. It didn’t take long, admittedly : ) but hey, she gave a crash-course in sensuality…fond memories ; )

  • What’s wrong with being a lefty? I was born a lefty it was weird writing with my RIGHT hand the first time. You righties are all the same. 😉

  • i lost my virginity 2 months before I turned 15. it was during the summer.he had moved 4 doors down from me. my bestfriends knew him real well because he was their stepsister’s ex boyfriend who he was still liking a lot.I had been not liking her. He was real fine. He was 16 going on 17 that next month. he was about 5’9, slim, bright, beautiful waves, a grill in his mouth, with long beautiful eyelashes. my best friends had to go to this program for 6 weeks and me and him had began talking b/c me and his sister had become cool and i was always over his house. one day i was outside talking to him and he had brought up the topic of sex to me. i kept refusing but the next day i went over there. he was home alone. we began to fool around. He was kissing me and sucking my neck and etc. he finally persuaded me to lose my virginity. at first i was saying no but after awhile i got aroused and went along. i already had on some loose shorts because he had took my jacket from me and said he was not going to give it beck until i came up out of my tight jeans and put on a pair of his loose shorts. he wanted to see my big butt bounce. but anyways he layed me down and took off his shorts off me and my panties. he had some boxers on. he took them off. i am real in shape but still i was insecure by it being my first time, so i wanted to get under the covers. he went into me. it hurted. when he got less than halfway into me his sister and my bestfriends lil sister walked in the room. i was so embarrassed. i made them promise to keep it a secret. i did not want to go any further so i said stop. me made out for a while and talked and i went home. a couple days later i went back over there. this time we went all the way until he popped my cherry and i began to bleed. i bled so much. i took a shower at his house. i went home and took a bath. then i passed out. we still kept talking. he came over to check on me the same day before he went to work. later i found out he was a ho. as much as i liked him i drew away from him more and more. i refused to become somebody he was just screwing around with when he felt like it. he would call me and tell me he liked me but i would be mean and rude to him. he was getting the picture and after a while he began to back up. he did my other friend too about 3 months after us. that same day i asked him who had he done. he put on his peace he had done nobody. then he tried to do me the same day but something told me not to. it turns out he had videotaped my friend and him and began selling it at his school. i wonder til this day: he know my friend was a ho so that is y he did not mind videotaping her, but he knew how i was and how seriously i took sex and how bad that would had hurt me and ruined my reputation. would he had video taped me too? when i thought about that, that made me hate him. now we dont even speak any more, because i had a fight with his cousin. and my friends dont get along with his family, so we jsut stopped speaking also. i dont know if we’ll ever speak again but i just needed something to let all of this out on, because i still care for him so much.

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