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DeeGee Girl wrote recently:

He laid me on the bed and ran his hands across my body. “I need to fuck your ass,” he said quietly. There was no preamble. No foreplay. But I was so turned on by the prospect that I leaned on my side and waited for him to lube himself up.

She goes on to write about a wonderfully decadent time had by all, with just the right touch of D/s to make my toes curl.

Lucky girl.

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  • My beautiful girl and I do anal every time we fuck…we do phone sex lately, because I am working here in the Keys…she is incredibly hot…51 years young, more beautiful than ever…I love her so much. Understanding the sexuality of our lovers is a fundamental…control? LOL…give it up.
    We bought a strap-on, and she is into fucking ME in the ass…w-o-w.
    In-fucking-credible. I love my wife, with every cell in my body. Monogamy totally rocks, for me…

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