Have you ever wondered if the snake that enticed Eve to eat the apple in the first place, thereby causing the destruction of man and humanity’s exile from paradise, was actually Adam’s randy penis in the first place? How would history have changed if this were true? (In point of fact, of course, this may very well have been true… since men wrote history.) Alas, we’ll never know.
Ever since, that one-eyed snake has been a source of curiousity for women. I suppose that’s maybe one reason why lesbians have it a little easier. They know what it feels like when someone licks your nipple. They know what it feels like when someone rubs your clit or slides a finger inside you. We straight gals, by comparison, are still in the dark here.
I would love to know what it feels like when you feel a tongue licking delicately at the head of your penis, or when a woman slides her mouth over you and wraps you in that warm and wet vacuum. Or what it feels like when someone pours oil over you and slides you between her hands, rubbing in small circles and long pulls. I find myself wondering these things – and more – when I am with a man. Not that I actually want to have a penis in order to find out, mind you. I would just love to know how it feels. To have that insider’s instinct into what would feel great, and when.
Even after all these years, and a decent amount of experience, men’s bodies are still such a mystery to me.
After reading about the closing of Europe’s first brothel for women, I’ve been doing some thinking. Would I ever go to a brothel, if one existed around here? Gosh, I’d love to give a resounding yes to that question, but the truth is it would depend. If it was even a little bit seedy, a little bit neon gaudy, I’d say no. But I’ve often fantasized about opening up such a place for women. And my vision is anything but gaudy.
It would be high-class, like a very expensive spa. Marble floor entrance and very, very discreet. Filled with rooms not only tasteful and elegant, but perhaps also themed rooms (Egyptian, Sheik’s Tent, you get the idea). All decorated to the nth degree, no expense spared. World-class food and drink available from the finest chefs and wineries in the world. And filled with beautiful men but men who were also intelligent, well read, and trained very well in the art of lovemaking. Trained to understand body language and also to understand women’s minds and needs. Exclusive, like a club. I guess something similar to the brothel in the novel Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey.
It’s a decadent thought, really. Being able to go some place where your every need, every wish could be satisfied by a man only too happy to please. A place to relax and not worry and just generally indulge yourself.
Ahh. Well, the dream is still nice. 🙂

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