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So I’ve been promising for ages to tell you all about the one and only time I ever kissed another girl.

This seemed like a good enough moment to sit and pen the tale. Like most of my stories, it has an element of the ridiculous. I swear, I don’t make these things up. Suffice it to say that by the time you reach your thirties, you’ve usually collected a few funny sex stories along the way. And since I love to laugh almost as much as I love to have sex, these are the stories I like to share with all of you.

We’d been friends for a couple of years, though we couldn’t be more different. I was short and very curvy, she was tall and very slender. We met one night for drinks and got talking about sex – well, to be honest, I was talking and she was asking me questions. I’d just begun my foray into BDSM, and there were a few fascinating stories to tell, so we talked about it.

There were more than a few drinks. And we both started to get a little turned on – combination of booze and discussing very hot sex, really. And someone – to this day, I don’t remember which one of us – mentioned threesomes. And at first, as it usually is when this topic comes up between two women friends, there were demurs and laughter.

And then there were more drinks.

Somewhere along the way, this started to seem like a good idea to us. We had a few single male friends in common, and figured that surely one of them would be up for it. Young horny males in their twenties. Sure!

We decided to head back to my place, call a friend, and have an impromptu, never to be repeated but hey wouldn’t this be a fun thing, evening. And as we got into the cab, we realized that this would mean we’d actually have to touch and kiss each other. I’ll be honest here and say that I think the idea turned her on a bit more than me – for me, it was going to be more about watching the guy’s reaction. But we realized that maybe we should practice a bit, before trying this in front of the guy and realizing that we just couldn’t do it.

I know. Silly drunk girls. But that’s how it started.

So I slid over the seat towards her. She was most definitely submissive, although she’s never played with BDSM. I knew I’d have to be the one to take control here. So I slid my hand into her hair, pulled her mouth to mine, and kissed her.

It was interesting. Different. In some ways it was like a first kiss, all over again. Learning how to move, where to lick, how to thrust. I ran my hand over her shoulder, down over her breast. She seemed very turned on. I remember we were both moaning. How much of that was the booze, I’ll never know.

At some point we came up for air to find that the cabbie had turned the meter off. Apparently he was really enjoying the show, and didn’t mind giving us a free ride. Obviously, the poor shmuck thought we were going to get into it, naked and everything, right then and there in his back seat. But he was very accomodating – not only letting us borrow his lighter to light a cigarette, but telling us to keep the lighter! 🙂 I kid you not.

We made out, touching a little here and there but nothing too overt, the rest of the way back to my place.

When we got there, we were tipsy and excited and a bundle of nerves over the whole thing. Of course, I had to make the phone call. She would never have gone through with it. So I called one of the two male friends we had in common.

Explained what was going on. Told him we very much wanted to try a threesome – no strings, just one night, just for fun. Would he come over?

After I convinced him that we were dead serious: turns out, well, no. He was tired and it was a long way to drive just for a threesome. Yes, that’s the reason he gave.

So, we tried friend #2. Explained what was going on. Told him what we’d decided. Would he come over?

After I convinced him that we were dead serious: turns out, well, no. He thought it was a little weird, as though women don’t decide to do something crazy and sexy on the spur of the moment. 😉 The point is, he declined.

So we stood there. Looking at each other. And shrugged.

I know what you’re thinking, what you’re hoping. We tumbled into bed anyway, long hours of delicious sapphic fun, right?

Nope. We hugged, I walked her to the door, and she went downstairs to flag a cab.

I found out later that friend #2 wasn’t really all that attracted to my girlfriend. I suspect friend #1 felt the same way about me, though I never found out for sure. We never discussed it again.

Sadly, I’ve lost touch with all three other players in this story, nothing bad or evil just the general hustle and bustle of life, people dropping away if you’re not vigilant about it. But I still laugh about the irony of that night.

I mean, if you’re going to try a woman and a threesome for the first time all in the same night, it should have a special place in your heart, right? *laughs* Regardless of the end result, I was glad I tried to take that chance.

And no, I’ve never tried it again. Been tempted once or twice, but never gone through with it.

Well. You wanted to know. 🙂

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  • That ending has elements of comedic tragedy. How sweet the thought and intent, yet how sad the wasted opportunity! 😉
    Here’s hoping that it won’t be the last time you try it — and that next time, your adventurous quest for polysexual fun will be fulfilled in the end and enjoyable throughout.

  • I’m almost at a total loss of words here…
    What the f… is wrong with those two guys? I mean, really if two horny and drunk girls call you and asks you to come join them for a threesome, you just gotta go – long drive or not!
    Anyway – if you ever get the urge to try that again I really really hope you can find someone a bit more willing to take on the “job”!

  • *laughs*
    Indeed, Katy, indeed! Lessons learned.
    Urbanstud, you make me laugh. 🙂 Nearly every man I’ve told that story to reacts the same way. And yet… I don’t know. I think more men out there would waffle about it; I don’t think these two were necessarily unique in their reactions. Sex can be complicated, no matter how much we would like it not to be so at times, and after all, we *did* surprise the heck out of them, calling them out of the blue at 10:00 at night.
    Not that we considered this in our tipsy, horny state. 🙂
    And Jonathan, as always, your poetic way of looking at things makes me smile. I don’t know that I’d ever give it a try again, older and wiser and all that, but if I do… well, you’ll all be the fourth to know! *grin*

  • I think I might have declined, too, out of fear of being unprepared and not up to the task. I think a 2 males for a female is a much more balanced and straightforward situation for girls are quite demanding these days. Many men will not admit this, but getting some help from a male friend could be an exciting and reassuring thought: you are sure that the girl will not get bored 🙂

  • that’s lovely! what a great story. i find the diversity of ‘types’ interesting too.
    i bring that up simply because as a short curvy woman myself, i find that the women i am attracted to seem to be short and curvy. which leads me to the theory that i’m just a narcissist. 😉

  • A sweet story, Vikki! Since you two were talking BDSM, though, wasn’t that something you guys thought to explore at your house? Get out the toys, ropes, whatever? (Making the phone calls obviously deflated things, I’m sure.) But a lovely description!

  • We all have regrets. I’m not sure about #1, but I’m sure the second guy fondly reminisces about your friendship and frequently wonders what would have happend he had found your friend attractive…

  • Having had great many threesome fanatasies (although, admittedly, not very diverse), I have this to note about the fine story: I’m for one not a fan of alcohol-driven sex. A drunk girl may be fun to look at, to party with, but I’d always prefer a sober woman for lovemaking. As I’d prefer to be sober myself.
    And yes, personal attitude towards one of two girls could very well make me refuse such a proposal, should I ever get invited for it. In my fantasies, the girls are usually people I know and not only know, but know well and feel attracted to. This often means: I already was in a sexy situation with each of them. Being suspicious or cautious or uncertain about a person, let alone annoyed by her, would make the prospect much less interesting.
    Well, that’s not much different from what’s important for good straight sex, isn’t it?

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