my faith in film restored


I’m frustrated by porn/erotic films in general. It’s like music (or was) – unless you actually buy the tape, there’s no way of telling whether the movie will be any good. And once you’ve bought it, you’re stuck with it. I have a few Candida Royalle and Andrew Blake videos gathering dust on my video shelves due to this lack of ability to “try before you buy”. Thankfully the music problem has been partially solved by Napster and even online stores which carry sound clips from the CD’s. I’m still waiting in vain for a similar solution to buying adult films.
Add a desire to have D&S brought into the mix, and you might as well be looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. I’ve seen some BDSM-ish films at the rental store and did rent one, but it was of such poor quality, low sensuality, and in a different language to boot, that I’ve been hesitant to try again.
I’ve only once been suckered into buying a subscription to online porn sites, and the result (a lot less variety, quality and accessability than had been advertised) has made me wary of trying again. But a few days ago, I took the plunge and gave it another try. had been mentioned in passing from an acquaintance (thanks T.), and I stopped by to take a peek. They have some free content, but most of the goodies (30,000 odd pictures, stories, and free video) are paid members-only. What the hell, I thought. In the name of research, of course.
Well, it was also the promise of free video that pulled me in, I’ll admit it. I’m nothing if not tenacious. 🙂
I was pleasantly surprised. This site is worth the subscription, and has a wonderful area in its video section called Domination TV. Finally, I thought, I’d be able to see if there really is interesting BDSM video in existence or if it’s like the unicorn, a figment of my overactive imagination.
Some of the vid-clips are great, some not so much. But I did find at least one or two clips in my inital foray that set my heart (and that place between my thighs) to pounding. A Dom who loves to use floggers, both for some pain (although not outright beating) and also for sensual stroking. Yumm. There was bondage. There were orders and other little wonderful treats of the mental aspect of D&S. And there were orgasms. Perfect. If I can only find out what film this was taken from, I’ll be one happy little sex-loving goddess.

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