what a mess


I have been known (from time to time) to be a bit, shall we say, picky when it comes to how clean my place is. Which is not to say it’s ever truly immaculate. I have dog, which means the minute I clean every bit of dog hair out of the house, she stands in the living room and shimmies her little heart out and oops, look, dog hair again. Plus, I have far too many books for my lowly 690 square feet, which means there are small piles of books just about everywhere in my house except for the kitchen. I straighten them up but really, I need more bookcases.

Anyways. Hence the pickiness.

I had to laugh, though, when reading Philip’s Dirty Laundry post over at Hot Action (which I’ve been meaning to add to my blogroll, and kept forgetting until today):

Take heart, lady slobs. I really don’t mind walking into a place that is strewn with books, CDs and women’s underwear. That’s what Paradise will be like!

*laughs* Bless him.

But honestly, I don’t understand the girl who inspired this post. I mean, sure, there have been times when the place is just too icky for me to handle bringing someone over. You know what I do in those situations? Clean it, or go to his place, or do him in his car… lots of options, really. Making someone wait outside was so ridiculous I laughed out loud.

While you’re there, check out some of his archives. Great stuff. You gotta love how many Canadian sex bloggers there are out there!

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  • I sympathize with that girl. My place is way too messy right now to invite anyone over, even friends who understand that I’m a slob. I couldn’t see making anyone wait outside though.
    Have you actually ever done a new partner in a car? I’d love to hear about it. Not just the mechanics but the whole situation.

  • I once lost the opportunity for good loving because my bedroom was a disaster. That’s why I make sure that it is spotless before I leave the house as one never knows who will come calling
    Ah yes, we Canadians are a very sexy bunch –matter what that idiot writer Candice Bushnell (SITC) says!

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