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You know, the perception is that the Internet is about free speech. And to some extent, that’s absolutely true. Anyone can set up a web site and say anything they like, really.

But when it comes to personal play spaces – like this blog – well, the only speech that’s well and truly free here is mine. This is not a democracy. It’s like my living room – my own little world, that I’ve invited all of you to join. And for the most part, you’ve been very gracious guests, taking a drink, mingling with the other guests, complimenting me from time to time on the decor or the books in my library.

Every so often, however, someone comes to this living room who has had a few too many drinks, and becomes an obnoxious house guest. Worse, in fact – I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that these people wouldn’t dare to step into my actual home and accuse my boyfriend of having a small penis, or other small jabs and digs along these lines. Because people are governed by rules of (one would hope) polite society. But online, they seem to think it’s open season.

So I do exactly what I’d do if someone got that obnoxious in my own home. I kick them out.

What that translates to, via this blog, is I remove their comments. If they get particularly vile, I ban them from posting comments altogether.

Does this mean I need everyone to agree with me? Of course not. Just go ahead and look at the responses to some of these posts, and you’ll see not everyone agrees with me.

But neither is this site about protecting your speech. It’s about protecting mine. And I get to dictate every damn thing about this site, including whether or not I want people to read your vile comments.

You want to post something objectionable? Go ahead. On your own damn blog.

And that’s just the way it is.

Don’t like it? Millions of other blogs out there to read. Nobody’s asking you to read mine.

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  • I was going to bed but I had to say this.
    This person(or persons) is probably holed up in their bedroom with their copy of victoria secret and a sock filled with jello(there is always room for jello) and are angry cuz they can’t (and never will) experience someone who is as sexy and smart and beautifull as you. So don’t take it to heart.
    Small minds need small activities.
    Oh and to the poster(s) who pissed her off.
    nuf said..

  • Thanks guys.
    Raven, for the record – that’s precisely what I do, and have done, for the last two years or so that I’ve allowed comments. 🙂 And I’ll go right back to doing that exact thing.
    Call this venting after two years of buildup. *laughs*

  • Ah, that is the thing I really love about the internet — it is full of anonymous assclowns.
    If I could be so bold as to offer a little advice — quietly delete their comments, no matter how caustic, and ignore them. These guys get their jollies over just such a post as this because they know it is getting to you. Anyway, just my two cents for what that’s worth.

  • Like a car wreck, I’m a tad curious as to what was said but I guess it can be assumed that it was some kind of juvenile attack.

  • …and I’ll tell you one more thing. I never liked your spinach puffs!

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