the importance of orgasms

[Wow. Did I really last post something here two months ago? I’m so sorry, folks, it has been a tough time and the days and weeks have been slipping away from me too quickly, sand through my fingers and no real way to grab on of late. But I do promise to try and do better, for the one or two of you who still visit this wee diary.]

For the record: I really, really hate the debate about whether the female orgasm has importance from an evolutionary standpoint or whether it’s a vestigal function left over from the period in a baby’s development when it has not yet chosen pink or blue.

Partially, I hate the debate because too many people can still drop the “from an evolutionary standpoint” portion of that sentence, and go forward believing that really, the female orgasm isn’t important. Or at least, not as important as a man’s. I realize that this is not the message science is trying to convey, but let’s not forget the selective memory and understanding of the average Joe watching this on the evening news.

I also hate the debate because I’m really not convinced it’s important. Kind of like the scientific energy put towards seedless watermelons. Does knowing the answer to this question really matter when we have cancer and AIDS and really nasty shit out there that we don’t have answers for yet?

And finally, I find the debate pointless because regardless of whether it’s evolutionally important or not, it’s just damned important. 🙂 As in, I’d like as many as physically possible, please. If you don’t mind.

Boys can come. Girls can come. Not everyone comes during intercourse, not even boys, sometimes. And most everyone comes during times other than intercourse. Orgasms are not a necessity on a play-by-play basis, but by God, they are important, and, by the way, gimme gimme gimme. Then we’ll do you. OK?


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  • The ONLY reason I can find for spending more than a miniscule second on the topic is …
    Nope, can’t find one. I saw the article and totally ignored it. There are more important things to think about, such as whether three fingers is too many.

  • Oh but there is scientific importance to the female orgasm. It helps a woman become pregnant. The uterus contracts during it, helping sperm to reach and fertilize the egg.

  • …and then there were four. This is a lurk-inspiring site, after all. *smile* On the question of orgasm, it has importance because it’s part of why women want to have sex. Imagine if women figured they could take or leave it… *laugh*
    …and yes, glad you’re back.

  • While watching a sex doc on Discovery Channel, it showed the function of the female orgasm. The show had a tiny camera in the woman’s vagina and it showed what happens.
    When a woman has an orgasm, her muscles contract and relax which helps with moving the sperm along. So the NY Times was wrong. Again.

  • Great blog.
    Orgasm causes the uterus, cervix and vagina to contract and get the sperm closer to the egg.
    If it wasn’t for the ineptitude of most men in the the sack, the birth rate would be higher!

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