chicks with boys still love their toys


Yes, despite the unerring abilities of the boy to find my pleasure points and keep me on the edge of orgasm for-freaking-ever (more on that in a later post – grin), Vikki is still a woman who enjoys her toys.

Which is all a preamble, really, to break the news that I finally bought an Eroscillator a month or so ago, and I am agog.

First of all, after my experience with the thumper-to-end-all-thumpers, the crashing Titanic of vibrators otherwise known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, it was a relief and a pleasant surprise to find an electric vibrator that doesn’t require a pillow between my legs to shield me from the blows. Though I will admit that the Hitachi kicks ass when I’m either drunk or suffering severe menstrual cramps.

But really, this little baby is quite wonderful. The attachments are very soft rubber and feel like a fingertip. Okay, sometimes a rather nubby fingertip. Doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

And ohhhhh, does it do the job. The website states that it provides a different sensation from most vibes because rather than thumping, it oscillates. I don’t know what it does, really, and I don’t care. I just know that every other toy I own has ended up in my drawer, and this vibe sits proudly out where I can reach it any time I want.

It’s also got a lovely, detachable, long long electrical cord so it reaches well from the wall to – well, anywhere you want, really. 😉

Three speeds. From oh-oh-oh to Oh-My-GOD.

Sadly, I went the cheapo route and only bought the package with two attachments, missing out on the delicious Pearls of The Orient attachment, which would have been SO much fun to use on the boy. Must order. Soonest.

But really, it’s just a terrific vibe. I can’t say enough good things about it. I have already recommended it to some of my friends.

Ladies, you really really want to give it a try. Trust me.

In my next post: a review of some lovely cuffs sent to me my the wonderful people at Eros Boutique. You gotta love schwag. 😉

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  • Bah, how come they sent *you* cuffs and me a vibrator that smelled like a burning set of Strawberry Shortcake water wings?
    Oh, well, never look a schwag-horse in the mouth.

  • I have an eroscillator, but it just doesn’t do the trick for me. I have to be really deprived in order to get anywhere with it.
    Your “Oh-my-GOD” setting is my “this is nice but I’m not getting anywhere” setting.
    I’m glad you like it though!

  • I have never found anything better that the Magic Wand myself. It has power to spare, it never fails to get me off over and over. I know it is noisy, but I’m nosier after a few minutes anyway.

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