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It didn’t take long after my first shave to figure out that I loved being completely bare between the thighs. It felt sexy and soft and a little naughty, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

The biggest problem, of course, was how to maintain this slip-slidey feeling all the time. Waxing is currently out for me – I tried a home waxing kit and OH MY GOD the pain. And while I’m a slut, I can’t quite work my way up to spreading it all for a complete stranger, professional though they may be.

So. This left limited options. Shaving every day (or even a couple of times a week), even with the grain, was a solution for a while but it was not exactly what we’d call a long-term solution.
What to do? I had seen an electric shaver system at the Everything to Do With Sex Show this year called Body Bare. When we’d spoken to the lady at the booth, she’d sworn by it, said it was wonderful, and no pulled hair pain. Close as a baby’s bottom. I thought perhaps I’d give it a try.

The little Feminine hair remover looks like an electric toothbrush only with little teeth instead of bristles. This is what you use to trim down to the short hairs, particularly if you’ve been growing a while. This one WILL bite if you use it improperly or hold it too close to the skin, so be cautious. But it does its job well – getting you nice and short before using the razor. (It’s also excellent for trimming your male partner – much less scary than scissors.)

But the Body Bare itself was the most exciting part. Its blades are covered completely by a foil, so there is literally 0% chance of you cutting yourself. The shaver holds a charge long enough for 2-3 long shaving sessions (I’m picky and take a long time) before needing a plug-in.

But let’s talk about the closeness. I’d become convinced that nothing would get me as close as a razor or maybe a wax. But this baby does the job. Silky smooth skin, no stubble, NO red bumps or sore skin. I can have a super-close shave as often as I want without irritation.

Oh my God, I sound like an infomercial.

It’s just that: well, let’s face it. Products in this industry don’t always have the best reputation for doing what they say they’re going to do. So I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes.

Instead, the thing has become my best friend and the first thing I pack when I’m going away. Seriously. My biggest fear is that the thing will some day cease to work and I’ll find out that this company doesn’t make them anymore when that happens.

To the degree that I’ve actually considered buying another one, or two, to keep as spares in the event that I kill this one.

So — yes, I highly recommend it. Ahem. As does my partner. 😉

If you want to buy this shaver, here’s the link to do it.

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  • *laughs* I realize how silly that sounds, but the idea of going back to just shaving after using this… ew. Not really palatable. Being this bare all the time, sans with-the-grain stubble, is too appealing. 😉

  • As always, people are welcome to believe or not believe the things I write here. But honestly, if I was lying about how well Body Bare works for me, what would stop me from doing a search on the net for “amateur shaved pussy” and posting any old image I find?
    If you believe I’m telling the truth, then I’m telling the truth. And if you don’t believe… no picture, no words, nothing short of meeting me in person and shoving your hand down my panties would convince you.

  • I don’t imagine he (Homer) would complain!
    So there’s no spikiness at all? I wax, because my body just does NOT deal well with razors, but this sounds… interesting… 🙂

  • Hey Dana, it depends on how long you’re willing to spend on it – if you’re looking for something as quick as a razor – swish swish swish – then no, you’ll have spikiness. But if you’re willing to spend about 10 minutes going over the whole area, small circles, over and over (whew! is it warm in here?) then yes, baby’s bottom. It’s harder, without a mirror anyway, to get the thinner hairs on the edges, the ones that grow in fine and soft… because a fingertip touch won’t tell necessarily tell you that there are hairs there, but anything that feels stubbly – oh, yes, its gets rid of them all. It’s such a strange sensation, particularly to someone who’s new to being bare down there (3 months and counting…).
    The best way, I’ve found, is to lie on your back (put a small towel underneath your hips) so you can really spread your legs for the bikini area , use lots of baby powder (LOTS!) as “lubricant”, small circles, and keep a small hand mirror handy for little patches that are harder to see… particularly if you plan to shave the wispy hairs around your… er… back areas. And don’t try to do it in a hurry – make it part of your regular grooming routine, a good 10 minutes or so a few times a week will keep you clean and bare. Just before the shower is the time I choose, that way I can wash off the baby powder afterwards.

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I hate the bumps and yes, I’m with you, the pain of waxing is not my idea of fun. I’ll definitely give it a try. Ten minutes a few times a week? Really? I’m so there!

  • I think you’ll like it, Freya – although I do heartily recommend getting lots of baby powder in the house. They’re not kidding when they say it helps A LOT for getting a really close shave.

  • Oo, that sounds so good! I’m actually pretty OK with the pain of waxing – I get it done professionally (would I trust myself?? Hell no!) and I actually find it less painful than getting my eyebrows done. But then, I may be mental. 😉
    BUT you do have to wait for the hair to grow back again and I’d love to be totally smooth all the time… Mmm.
    So maybe I’ll try your suggestion out, I’m quite excited. Thank you! 🙂

  • Well, this conversation really is enticing, so I went out and got the product — and I just indulged in a wonderful assault on the hair down there. I went for the baby powder, as you suggested, Vikki, and it was quite painless and pleasant. Now, who wants to undress me?
    Hugs, Justine

  • omigod, thanks so much for the recommendation. I have insanely sensitive skin and can only shave with a very sharp razor, with the grain, and with the application of gallons of Tend Skin. I am shocked at not breaking out in the slightest. For those of you paranoid about getting talcum-based powder near sensitive areas, corn starch from the kitchen worked well for me 🙂

  • Odrade, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find out that the shaver’s working well for you, too! The only thing more exciting than figuring this stuff out for myself is being able to share it with you guys. And I would never have thought to use corn starch – but that’s a great tip. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  • is the baby powder good for the razor itself? i have been contemplating for a few weeks now the thought of going bare…and the only thing that has stopped me is the thought of the itchy and stubly torture that follows the day of nice and smooth. i think i might try this gadget…

  • Strange to stumble upon this from my BIL’s site, and even stranger that it came at the exact time that a group of friends was convincing me to shave. So my husband and I did it together with scissors, electric clippers a bikni clipper from the drug store and eventually a razor. I AM DYING from red bumps and itching, but totally love the sensation of no hair. Can’t figure what I did wrong though (maybe too many methods at once? But honestly, I needed a bush hog). I even put my tried and true skin conditioner on it after…
    Anyway, I might give this thingy a try. Sadly, I haven’t gotten to road test the thing cause it has been so damn irritated.

  • You need to make sure you can get replacement parts. Those who haven’t yet bought something should try looking at This site sells the Seiko Cleancut, together with cornstarch powder, oil for keeping the blade and foil working well, replacement parts etc–super service! (Yeah, I sound like an infomercial too) My skin is very sensitive, and this is the way to stay bare consistently. You will find, however, that as the hairs grow in you still can get ingrowns (but rare). Use Tend Skin and/or Bikini Saver–all sold by

  • I suppose I’m somewhat old school. I kinda like some undergrowth down there. Now one doesn’t have to have a jungle, mind you….but I find pubic hair aesthetically pleasing 🙂

  • Can anyone tell me the difference between Body Bare and Cleancut from Seiko? …If I’m buying one, I want to make sure it’s the best one.
    Thanks, Petra

  • Thanks so much for what you called your ‘infomercial’.
    I have sen this product and have been wondering about spending the money…I definetly will now.
    I have dark and hairy and have been trimming and shaving only slightly, but not completely bald. I want to explore the feeling. Evennow I get hot and wet just shaving.
    Thanks again.

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