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Wow, it’s been all about the vagina month, hm? Guess I was kind of on a kick. The good news is today, I have lovely and yummy toys to share.

Somehow I’d missed the lovely site that is Extreme Restraints until Eden pointed me to it today, and I have to say that I have completely, head over heels, fallen in love with their products. I may need to get several.

Among my favourite finds from this evening’s browse:

Julian Snelling Rosebud Anal Jewelry – How pretty is this? I think it’s just lovely.

Premium Deerskin Leather Floggers – Oh, my, these are just outstanding-looking. How I miss floggers. Damn.

Leather and Fur Paddle – Since my ass in nowhere near as hardy as Bethie’s, I think the combination of fur and sturdy leather would feel… er… interesting. Yes. That’s a lovely way to put it.

The Fantasy Rack – Um. Hmm. Yes. Interesting.

Leather Spanking Skirt – If I could ever justify spending $177 on something I’d never wear outside, I would so totally buy this. It looks so amazing I’m getting all perky just thinking about it.

Cleopatra Chrome Collar – While this wouldn’t be practical for more… bendy forms of bondage, because I suspect it could really irritate the chest, this is just a lovely piece.

Good thing I moved my Visa to the other room before visiting. It’s an addiction, I tell you, an addiction! I need help! šŸ™‚

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  • I once saw, and have since lost, a site that sold something similar to the anal jewelry… except that instead of a gem, it was a metal flower. Absolute works of art! I hope I find it again when I have some spare money to shove up my ass. šŸ˜‰

  • Katy, I think Julian Snelling makes those too. Check out, if that URL doesn’t cut it run a search for blowfish. They are outta frisco and have a great, great supply of stuff. Their newsletter is also insightful and funny as hell.
    p.s. I am NOT the shipping boy. Swear!

  • Starting to wonder if Vik got caught in a mistake of autoerotic bondage.
    The key was only inches away from her left foot. The cuffs held her hands too close to the radiator to wiggle her way there. One of them would have to come off. She started gnawing feverishly, etc. etc.

  • Very interesting indeed. I specially like the Leather and Fur Paddle… I recently came across another site that relishes my fur fetish:
    What do you think about it?

  • hmmm. josh, i wonder if your right. certainly missing vikki… of course, it is also summer. the time when everyone seems to disappear for some amount of time…

  • I bought the “rosebud” for my wife two months ago…from Julian’s site. Aside from the Jewel versions, he does other “artsy” designs.
    I got the 14 Kt gold plug…she just LOVES it. It has quickly become part of our bi-weekly “shave her all over routine”…and a nice toy to go out to a nice dinner with!

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