sugar walls


No, silly, not what you think. However, I have recently been found fantasizing about walls.

Er. Let me explain.

Walls are just hot. Push me up against them and I switch into subbie, wet, horny mode almost immediately. Shove your cock against me, and it’s even better. It’s dramatic without the over-violence, it’s cliched but still damned hot, and it also gives support for rubbery knees without needing to sit or lay down. (My knees have a nasty tendency to go on me when I’m being touched just right.)

Doesn’t even matter if I’m facing the wall, or have my back to it. There are benefits to both.

Back to the wall: All my sensitive bits, with the exception of my neck, are available for easy access. The pressure against my back is hot. Not as hot as another man (yes, I still have dreams of being a Vikki sandwich one day…) but hot, solid, giving me nowhere to move. Bonus point for pulling my hands to either side of my head and pinning me there. Whew. Warm in here, or is it me?

Front to the wall: I can’t see his hands as easily, kind of like being blindfolded without the smeared eyeliner. He can touch me any darned way he likes, shove my legs apart, tease me from behind, and my ass fits into his crotch in a rather lovely way. Spankings also are quite lovely in this position, allowing me to crowd the nice cool wall in contrast to my burning tush. If the height thing is right, he can even flip up my skirt and take me from behind. Yummm. Bonus points also for pinning my hands to the wall in this position. Who needs rope? We’ve got a wall…

I have a long elevator ride to get to my apartment. Well, long enough, at least, since I’m nearly 30 stories off the ground. And there’s nothing sexier, in the whole entire world, than getting shoved against the wall of the elevator, trapped within a man’s arms, and kissed and fondled for the duration of the ride.

However, it’s not just about the public walls, really – although I will admit a passing fancy for alleyway walls, subway walls (!), and other public place walls (the staircase down the hall – I always did want to give that a try…). The walls in my wee apartment work very well. My hallway, my bedroom, my dining room… the little nook around the bedrooms…

Oh, my. My imagination’s just running overtime today!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some pressing needs to attend to. 🙂

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  • Mmmmm, yes, elevators are very sexy. It’s definately something about the risk of being caught, but not actually being caught (you memtioned that in a previous post).
    I used to work across the street from a high rise here in Tampa, FL. There construction was being done in the building so it was virtually empty save for a few workers. The man I was involved with the time and I decided to take our lunch break there. We entered the elevator and to my delighted surprise the walls of the elevator were mirrored and for some reason there was stool. What perfect luck! He bent me over, lifted my skirt (and to his delighted surprise my panties were removed), procceded to spank me while I watched. Very sexy, very hot.
    This was about fives years ago. I still get worked up thinking about it to this very day.

  • One time a girlfriend and I did it in a park
    over looking the water. She was leaning forward, facing out to the water, at first I was just rubbing her back but I was also getting hard, she was leaning more & more & I was soon pushing against her! ahhhhhhh
    The memories! 🙂

  • I always believed that beds were very overrated and very overused but I never expected to read an ode to walls, nor one done so eloquently.

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