The deliciously fascinating Rentboy (quite rightly) quoted:

Women can sniff lies, condescension and arrogance a mile off. As he so charmingly put it: “Nothin’ dries up a pussy faster than a bozo who think he’s God’s gift to it.”

I find his blog interesting reading. I hope he keeps it up (so many blogs go great guns for a month or two and then fade like cheap upholstery).

How to give the perfect handjob. Oh, of all the things I’ve missed out on lately, this is definitely in the top five. Yummy hot male flesh between my fingers.

Bacchus kindly offers up another yummy goodie in the form of tied up candle-assed goodness, and how can that be wrong? (And as an aside, you know you’ve made a friend when he posts a picture of two gay boys on his pretty-much-hetero blog for you. You’re the best!)

And is it just me, or does the comp-gen Fleshbot girl look strikingly like Veruca from Buffy season 4?

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  • Always happy to oblige! Besides, even if the Purity Test jeers “Repressed, Are We?” at me in the gayness section, I can still recongize a hot piece of manga when I see it. 😉

  • A troubling image – a well-muscled hunk tied up and abused by a man. Mmmmh – now if that had been the traditional helpless girl, the Anti-Porn Brigade and various feminists would be crying that it is degrading to women.
    So I guess this one must degrading to……? Well muscled hunks? No – no – that can’t be right.
    Oh – I have it. Disgusting! Utterly degrading to candles…….

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