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What makes a lover great (for me, at least) is not the number of tricks he knows. It’s not the number of toys he owns. It’s not the smorgasbord of positions he can warp your body into during a lovemaking session. It’s not length, it’s not girth, and it has nothing to do with foreskin (with or without). It’s not the music he plays, the mood he sets, the furniture he bought especially for its suitability for long hours of rollicking sex. It’s not about the speed his tongue can achieve or the smoothness or roughness of his fingers.
It’s about one, very simple thing.
What makes a lover great is this: paying attention. And doing something with the information collected.
He takes his time. Watches for my reactions, verbal and nonverbal. Listens to the guidance I give him with my moans and gasps and shudders. Moves slowly enough to know which touch, which caress, which movement caused the reaction. Takes a note. Saves it up for later use. Mixes it up a little when he uses it on me again, just to keep me on my toes. And takes delight in every little sound he can elicit from my lips, every facial expression, every undulating movement of my body.If he has this skill, this sensitivity, he is a man who can nearly make me pass out with pleasure. With him, I can have those orgasms that make your belly hurt for a full day afterwards; all that long-drawn out tension and pleasure that, when culminated, makes you see little white stars at the corners of your vision. These are orgasms I’m usually not even capable of giving myself. It takes longer. I’m too impatient, usually; me and my little silver bullet. Which is why there will never be enough batteries in the world to usurp the delight I take in a man’s touch.
And when you find a lover like this, it makes you want to do everything for him… Return the favour. Take the time to turn good oral sex into something as spectacular as you can make it. Practice your Kegels with renewed vigor so you can squeeze and milk him toward ecstasy. Anything and everything.
Because it’s rare. I wish more men knew the secret.
Pass it on.

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Vikki McKay


  • btw Great Blog site!
    Hope u’re still reading this in 2005
    personally, love making & watching a woman cum, not any woman, it has 2 be with someone you can laugh with & hv chemistry (fun)

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