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One of the best Mark Morford rants ever:

Please Accept This Diamond-Studded Dildo As Small Thank-You
Women are less likely than men to reach the highest salary brackets and are more likely to live in poverty, according to a government survey. Nearly 16 percent of men age 15 and older who worked full-time in 2001 earned at least $75,000 a year, compared with 6 percent of women, the Census Bureau reported. About 20 percent of men earned between $50,000 and $75,000, compared to 12 percent of women. By contrast, however, women remained the stunning and karmically breathtaking bearers of beauty and time and human evolution, potent luminous vessels of sex and dreams and bad parallel parking and love and that totally cute thing you do with your lips and oh my god hipbones that can make you weep, eyes that can melt gods, tongues of eternal divinity, which is why most all those selfsame whimpering hunks of maleness spend such huge desperate chunks of those very same inflated salaries on pleading and incessant gifts, dinners, and, if they were at all smart and thoughtful, nice new Hitachi Magic Wands for their women, because it’s all we can do to be eternally and undyingly grateful, of course, except for those times when you’re all bitchy and insanely emotional and melodramatic and annoying and whiny and when you get a haircut you don’t like and it actually makes you cry and we are absolutely stumped and baffled and can only sigh heavily and realize that some hot oral sex is probably not gonna happen within the next ten minutes. But, you know, small price.

How I love that man. Any time he wants to butter my thoughts with the skill of his tongue, he’s most welcome. Yum.

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