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Okay, so dirty little secret-sharing time here.

First, a big disclaimer: I think what has been going on in the Catholic church is horrifying. I also am not a big fan of organized religion, particularly Catholicism, so this diary entry has nothing to do with advocating Catholicism, illegal sexual behaviour by priests, etc.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, then… I have a confession to make (pun intended).

I find priests just plain sexy. Ministers, priests, whatever. Priests a little more, for the purpose of fantasy, but that’s mainly because it’s forbidden, and how my psyche loves to wrap itself around that little word.

My girlfriends figured this out about me recently, and absolutely revel in teasing me about it. They love finding new examples of priests who turn me on.

My most recent crushes has involved Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven, Gabriel Byrne in Stigmata (oh, yum), Joaquim Phoenix in Quills (double yum), but a quick search around the ‘net also helped me to find images of Russell Crowe in The Quick and The Dead, Christopher Reeve in Monsignor, even Nicholas Cage in Face/Off.

For those of you who also enjoy erotica, there’s an incredible scene in Menage by Emma Holly which also goes along this theme, and it’s mind-blowing.

It got me to wondering just why I think it’s sexy. Here’s what I’ve figured out (stepping into fantasy here). There’s something, first of all, about all that denial, all that sexual tension just built up and built up for years and years. Imagine the sensitivity, the vulnerability, the incredible stretched-on-a-rack feelings he would have after all those years. And then there’s the forbidden-ness. The fact that while his cassock was being tented by an incredible erection, he would be saying no… or trying to.

Going for “confession” would be another part of it. And then, the whole capital punishment thing. I think spanking would definitely fit into this little scenario I’m cooking up in my brain.

Okay, I know I can’t be the only woman who finds this combination arousing, or The Thorn Birds would not have been so popular. While I can’t imagine seducing an honest-to-goodness priest, and role-playing has never been something I felt wholly comfortable with… oh, how I would clench and get juicy if a partner dressed up like this for me. Seriously. I’d go crazy.

So, for those of you ladies who share the same kinky desire, I share the links below. I’ll add more as I find them:

The Priest Movie Page (list of most movies that have had priests in them)
SexTV’s feature on the history of celibacy in the Catholic Church
Religion-based costumes at Costume Zone
Asstr.org – erotic short story featuring a priest
Erotica-readers – another erotic short story
Autobiography of a Flea – an older porn movie that has a priest in it
Literotica stories containing the word priest

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  • gosh no you are not the only one… it’s that Eve complex and the forbidden fruit. makes it hot and sexy. as well as daring and erotic. put a handsome priest in front of me and I can come up with MANY fantasies that would put a smile on my face, but shock on his!

  • Great story, LakotaMoon! And thanks to both of you for making me seem just a little less alone in my perversion. 😉

  • holy #$%@!, I have the exact same thing going on in my sick little sexy priest luvin’ brain… it started with “The Proposal”, was fueled further by “The Third Miracle”, but almost knocked me on my ass by the time I saw “Stigmata”.
    and am soooo glad I have found someone else who has this, because it takes the guilt away from turning my friend Mels into one – “Oh, Father, forgive me for I have sinned.”
    hmm.. there’s an idea…

  • you probably already know this, but the title “autobiography of a flea” is actually taken from a 19th century erotic novel. it’s a story told by a flea that has taken up residence in the vagina of a young woman who is “used” by priests.

  • Just had to add that there are a lot of us out there that have this little obsession.
    The fact that we all want what we can’t have is the MAJOR factor here.
    To know that you were the one able to cause a man of the cloth to go against EVERYTHING they once knew and believed in and to delve into thier secret appetite just because they saw you, I think is a major turn on.

  • Wow, it’s so great to find other girls who are damned like me. 🙂 Kidding. I think my obsession started with The Exorcist. Creepy, I know. But dark, intense, handsome Father Karras grabbed my attention and did not let go. I still watch the DVD and skip to my favorite parts. 🙂

  • Im not just inlove with a priest… im in love with a bishop! and boy, do i fantasize about him a lot!
    he’s soo tall. he’s too old for me, about 43 years my senior. i’m just 22 and he’s like 65! but what does it matter??
    i think he will make a good lover! with his incredible size (height, i mean).. and all that.
    i love him more for the fact that he seems so decent! like he’d cry after he “did” the thing with you. not that he wouldn’t do it of course!
    i think a little stroke should undo his resolve. i just have to get enough nerve to start the stroking.
    after all, how do you stroke a bishop…?

  • My boyfriend has this coruching tiger hidden dragon thing that looks like a preists robes, I was so turned on, I couldn’t help but comment. so your not alone in your perverions! thanks for letting me know neither am I

  • this comment comes 2 years too late but I also had to reply because desirable priest appear not only in movies .All of u who like seing hot priests should watch some Vatican stuff.I have a very good example of a sexy priest from there(he is like 53 but my oh my..)and he’s dark haired with white spots ,tall ,well built and has a beautiful tan during summer.

  • Yay!! I am NOT alone! At last. God Priests are sooo sexy, I haven’t a clue why, but where are all the men with the requisite style, class and outfits to fill this role?? If anyone finds any, send em over to a lonely gal in New Zealand – times are tough lol!

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